Saturday, December 25, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #69

Good morning everyone..

Merry Christmas to all.

This morning I want to simply say that today is and has been a wonderful day. The coffee is good and the company is fantastic. I relish every moment I have to spend with all of the members of my family. I miss those that have moved on to new adventures in another life.

Let the snow pile up...I just ain't worried about it. I can smell the turkey cooking and it makes my belly rumble.

Just for the lighter side of things...Alex Cat and Josie Cat are both jacked up on catnip.

Here you go, Ginger...

A minister was giving the children's message during church. For this part of the service, he would gather all the children around him and give a brief lesson before dismissing them.

On this particular Sunday, he was using squirrels for an object lesson on industry and preparation. He started out by saying, "I'm going to describe something, and I want you to raise your hand when you know what it is." The children nodded eagerly.

"This thing lives in trees (pause) and eats nuts (pause)..." No hands went up. "And it is gray (pause) and has a long bushy tail (pause)..." The children were looking at each other, but still no hands raised. "And it jumps from branch to branch (pause) and chatters and flips its tail when it's excited (pause)..."

Finally one little boy tentatively raised his hand. The minister breathed a sigh of relief and called on him.

"Well," said the boy, "I know the answer you're looking for is supposed to be 'Jesus' ... but it sure sounds like a squirrel to me."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #68

Good morning everyone...

Old man winter has grasped the Tri state area firmly in his hand and is attempting to freeze us out. I am certainly looking forward to spring. This year will hold many surprises and, I hope, lots of adventures.

The coffe is very good this morning (and the company). Seems as if the weekends fly by way too quickly. There are so many things that need to be done and I complete so few of them. Are the tasks really that difficult or am I just that lazy? Please...everyone DO NOT answer that.

I am looking forward to Christmas this year. It will be a good time at the house. I am actually in the Christmas spirit...not "SPIRITS' as so many of you are thinking right now. Although I will admit to having a glass of wine every now and then.

Here you go, Ginger...

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Grandmothers and Grandfathers? Well, here it is:

There was this loving grandfather who always made a special effort to spend time with his son's family on weekends. Every Saturday morning he would take his 7-year-old granddaughter out for a drive in the car for some quality time -- just him and his granddaughter.

One particular Saturday, however, he had a bad cold and really didn't feel like being up at all. He knew his granddaughter always looked forward to their drives and would be disappointed. Luckily, his wife came to the rescue and said that she would take their granddaughter for the drive.

When they returned, the little girl anxiously ran upstairs to see her grandfather who was still in bed. "Well, did you enjoy your ride with grandma?" he asked. "Oh, yes, Granddad, it was really wonderful. We didn't see a single asshole, blind bastard, dipshit or son of a bitch anywhere we went!"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #67

Good morning everyone...

Seems as if winter has gripped the area and the snow will attack us again. I am already sick of the snow. Enough talk about the weather...

Everyone already knows Jackie. There is some BIG NEWS. She is going to have a .....GRAND BABY...Yes, Jackie is going to be a MAW MAW. Does that officially make her old? There has been some discussion about all of this and the conclusion is that we have no control in this matter. The baby will be born whenever it wants matter what we say. She is already looking at cribs and stuff.....

Today is the day I will finish my Christmas shopping. I am not sure what I will be getting Jackie, although I have already obtained some presents. Gonna have to work on this some.

Here you go, Ginger...
A woman was leaving a convenience store with her morning coffee when she noticed a most unusual funeral procession approaching the nearby cemetery.

A long black hearse was followed by a second long black hearse about 50 feet behind the first one. Behind the second hearse was a solitary woman walking a pit bull on a leash. Behind her, a short distance back, were about 200 women walking single file.

The woman was so curious that she respectfully approached the woman walking the dog and said, "I am so sorry for your loss, and I know now is a bad time to disturb you, but I have never seen a funeral like this. Whose funeral is it?"

"My husband's."

"What happened to him?"

The woman replied, "My dog attacked and killed him."

She inquired further, "Well, who is in the second hearse?"

The woman answered, "My mother-in-law. She was trying to help my husband when the dog turned on her."

A poignant and thoughtful moment of silence passed between the two women.

"Can I borrow the dog?"

"Get in line."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #66

Good morning everyone...

The first item for this post is a mention of someone who just passed on. My friend, Nena Lanning, passed away this week after a bout with cancer. I will not go through the things normally said of someone that has passed away and simply say that she will be missed.RIP

Friday night, Jackie and I met some friends at a local Huntington eatery. Huntington Prime. Let me just say this...I have eaten better food in Army field kitchens. The swill they tried to serve was awful. Everyone at the table received baked potatoes that were cold. The waiter returned them to the kitchen and they were returned on warm plates...of course the potatoes were still cold. I also learned that it is acceptable to serve scallops that have the consistency of pudding, and if you are making a cream sauce and it breaks...simply add more roasted pepper. The Filets appeared to be pre cooked as the one I had was somewhat warm on the outside yet very cold on the inside. Jackie ordered a beef and seafood skewer. The goop (is that a culinary term?) that the skewer was dipped in had a distinct maple flavor. Sounds good except it was listed as a rosemary and butter sauce. The couple at the table beside of us complained about their desserts. We all left and went to applebees to complete the meal. I actually had an appetizer for dinner (from Applebees) since I wouldn't eat the trash Huntington Prime was serving. It should also be noted that NO manager or owner came to see what was wrong. I won't be going back.

Here you go, Ginger

It was our pals birthday, so we decided to call him up and sing "Happy Birthday."

Only trouble was we dialed the wrong number.

"Don't let it bother you." said the voice on the other end, just before he hung up, "You need all the practice you can get."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #65

Good morning everyone...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day. Everything in Proctorville went very well.

Is everyone ready to send the MARSHALL UNIVERSITY THUNDERING HERD SENIORS out with a bang? I hope everyone is able to make the game and cheer on a MARSHALL victory...

WE ARE!!!!


The next big holiday to look forward to is Christmas. I am looking forward to this one. I expect that soon the tree will be up....and I think this year there may be more than just a cookie ornament on it...Those of you that know about the cookie ...just smile. Those of you that don't and are interested just call and I will tell you the story.

Even though Christmas is next New Year's plans are being made. This New Years Eve is gonna be a blast. I imagine there will be a story or two involved.

Here you go, Ginger...

The Switchman

A guy named Pete gets a job as a switchman with the railroad, and undergoes weeks of training. The supervisor then takes him into the switch booth to test his readiness. The following exchange takes place:

Supervisor: "Imagine you were sitting here alone and you learned there was a train coming from the North on that track, and another coming from the South on the same track. What would you do?"

Pete: "I'd throw this switch right here and put one train on the other track."

Supervisor: And what if that switch didn't work?"

Pete: "I'd go down to the track and throw that big switchlever there, putting one train on the other track."

Supervisor: "And what if that switchlever didn't work?"

Pete: "Then I'd come back here and call the dispatcher to stop both trains."

Supervisor: "And what if the phone didn't work?"

Pete: "Then I'd go to that gas station across the street and use their phone."

Supervisor: "And what if their phone didn't work?"

Pete: "Then I'd go get Uncle Joe."

Supervisor: "Uncle Joe??? What would he do?"

Pete: "Nothing, but he ain't never seen a train wreck."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #64

Good morning everyone...

This morning I am up early. Seems as if Jackie and I have a million things to do. We might get some of them done. Lets start this morning by talking about THE MARSHALL UNIVERSITY THUNDERING HERD. How about another win!!

WE ARE!!!!!


The weather justs keeps getting colder. It seems to make me depressed with winter fast approaching. I am ready for some more summer.

Work has been going pretty well. I can't really complain, although I seem to be busier and busier. The job itself is not really bad.

Life appears to be just normal. There really isn't much to cover. I think the best things happen on the weekend and the time I spend at work is simply my punishment for vacation and time off. This weekend...the cats are going to the vet. I am sure they will NOT be pleased with us.

Here you go, Ginger...

A blonde calls Delta Airlines and asks, "Can you tell me how long it'll take to fly from San Francisco to New York City?"

The agent replies, "Just a minute..."

"Thank you," the blonde says, and hangs up.

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #63

Good morning everyone,

The weekend has arrived again. I like it. Today, I hope to watch a MARSHALL UNIVERSITY THUNDERING HERD VICTORY over Memphis.

This morning let us take a minute to observe the tragic loss of November 14, 1970. The plane crash forever changed the landscape of college football and will touch lives for generations to come. Please, no matter which team you are a fan of...take a moment from your life and give a small prayer for those that left us that day and the loved ones that were left behind.

Seems as if vacation planning is always very close to the main topic of conversation at the house. The plans also seem to be coming together. Looks as if there will be plenty of fishing and lots of sight seeing coming up. New years plans have also been decided on...that will be a blast. Might even be a few pictures to post.

Here you go, Ginger...

A member of the Country Club asked the lifeguard how he might go about teaching a young lady to swim.

"It takes considerable time and technique." replied the guard. "First you must take her into the water, then place one arm about her waist, hold her tightly, then take her right arm and raise it very slowly..."

"This is certainly most helpful." said the member. "I know that my kid sister will appreciate it."

"Your sister?" said the lifeguard. "In that case, just push her into the deep end of the pool. She'll learn in a hurry."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #62

Good morning everyone...

The elections are over. The ads are no longer running. The President got his ass handed to him, and yet, many of the lower end of the ?American? people insist that the results were not a true representation of what America really wants. What part of got your ass kicked do they not understand? I am going to say that if the President does not do what the American people want then he will be a one term President. My only question is....When he is voted out of office will all of the namby pamby socialist muslim whiny cry babies say that is not what the American people really wanted?

Tonight, Jackie amd I are going to the comedy club. I am sure it will be a blast. I might even LET her take me out to dinner. Probably someplace expensive.

Here you go Ginger...

The customer in the Italian restaurant was so pleased that he asked to speak to the chef. The owner proudly led him into the kitchen and introduced him to the chef.

"Your veal parmigiana was superb," the customer said. "I just spent a month in Italy, and yours is better than any I ever had over there."

"Naturally," the chef said. "Over there, they use domestic cheese. Ours is imported."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #61

Good morning everyone...
Here it is, another wonderful Saturday morning. I am sending congratulations to all of the Mountainqueer fans on giving away the game to UConn. Go Huskies and God Bless you Bill Stewart.

As everyone knows I am a diehard MARSHALL fan. I hope the HERD looks good today against UTEP. Will the rebuilding process ever be done?

I suppose I should talk about work...It sucks. Enough said.

Trick or Treat night Jackie and I were giving out candy. Suddenly, the porch light went off. I stepped into the house so I could get another bulb. There, beside of the turned off switch, was Alex Cat. He had the most innocent look on his face. Kinda makes you wonder.

Here you go, Ginger...


My co-worker was being let go due to a nasty habit she had of not always showing up for work. As an officer in our union, I was preparing to argue on her behalf when she took matters into her own hands and insisted, "But I was really sick this time!"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #60

Good morning everyone...
It's a lovely fall morning and cold enough that I will actually have to wear pants. Does this mean it is time for me to pack away the shorts? Kind of makes me depressed.

There was a miracle at the house this morning. I was the one to feed the cats and Alex Cat actually ate the first can I opened for him. I didn't have to threaten to kill him or anything......

Jackie and I are planning on a drive to look at the leaves. I hope they are nice and...if they are then there may be some pics posted on facebook by Jackie. let me tell you what happened last night at the football game. Jackie and I went to the concession stand to get some hot chocolate. My ex wife was working the concession stand so we went to a different line. When we ordered the man went to get our hot chocolate...suddenly my ex appears with a pre poured cup. He delivered it and I made him take it back. I didn't see it poured and I don't trust her any farther than I can throw her...(all of you that know my ex and are laughing can stop it)...I am pretty sure I will hear something about this.

Here you go, Ginger...
A Sunday School teacher was trying to explain about saying grace before meals. One of the pupils was the young son of the minister of that church, so she started the discussion by asking him, "Jerry, what does your father say when the family sits down to dinner?"

Jerry answered, "Dad says, 'Go easy on the butter, kids, it's three dollars a pound!'"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #59

Good morning everyone...

Today is good old Saturday. Yippee! The company and the coffee are both very good this morning. Life is good and it seems that I have been just happy for a long time now. I am thinking that is the way life is supposed to be.

Alex Cat has been acting like a cat. He has actually been sitting on my lap...and allowing me to pet him. I remember when we first got him...he wouldn't allow us to even touch him.

There isn't much fall left. I think the frost will arrive soon and kill off all of the allergens floating around. I look forward to that. Of course with the coming of snow there is also the arrival of Trout Fishing. I am not sure where I am going, but I am going somewhere. I mean in the local area. Not sure that I want to plan another trip to Park City Utah this year. Maybe next year.

A note for everyone...Life is too short to be sad and unhappy. Do what you want to do and enjoy everything. Be open to new experiences and don't get to far away from your center. One day you will look back and it will be over. Don't rush it.

Here you go, Ginger...

A Kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of children while they were drawing. She would occasionally walk around to see each child's work.

As she got to one little girl who was working diligently, she asked what the drawing was. The girl replied, "I'm drawing God."

The teacher paused and said, "But no one knows what God looks like." Without missing a beat, or looking up from her drawing, the girl replied,

"They will in a minute."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #58

Good morning everyone...

I hope this wonderful saturday morning finds everyone well. I am officially off work for ONE WHOLE WEEK. YIPPE!!!!

There was an interesting incident this morning. Everyone knows that Jackie calls Alex Cat "the finnicky little bastard." She swears she is going to open 1 can of food and that he will have to eat that. This morning she opened his food (he showed us that he was not going to eat it by covering it up). Jackie called him a few choice names and told him he would have to eat it. All Alex Cat did was look at her and give a very soft pathetic meow. I will have to say that he did, at least, eat the second can.....

In defense of Jackie Alex has gone thru many cans of food this week. He is a little finnicky.

Something new for this saturday morning. Many of you know Kenny G. Let's all welcome him to the 21st century as he has a computer now. I will be sending him a link to the saturday morning reflection so that he will have something to read.

Deer season is rapidly approaching. I am looking forward to some fresh venison. I have an urge for some backstrap Cajun style. Yummy.

Here you go, Ginger...

Today I picked up my mother-in-law at the airport. She's getting a little up there. She's at the age where she doesn't remember things too well. So when I saw her I said, "Thanks for coming. Have a nice flight!"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #57

Good morning everyone...

WE ARE....

Where did the warm weather go? I am pretty sure that I am not ready for any cold.

This morning's coffee is very good. Normally I like mine hot and black, but today I had Jackie dip her finger in it and sweeten it up for me.

There isn't much going on in my world. All is quiet and I like it just fine. I know that very soon there will be a drive over into the mountains to scope out the leaves as they change colors.

I suppose I will catch the MARSHALL game on the radio. I wonder which team will show up?

Here you go, Ginger...(hurry up and get back to work cause Zach is killing me)...

A young woman wasn't feeling well, and asked one her co-workers to recommend a physician.

"I know a great one in the city, but he is very expensive. Five hundred dollars for the first visit, and one hundred dollars for each one after that."

The woman went to the doctor's office and, trying to save a little money, cheerily announced.

"I'm back!"

Not fooled for a second, the doctor quickly examined her and said, "Very good, just continue the treatment I prescribed on your last visit."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #56

Good morning everyone...

Once again the cycle of life has turned to..SATURDAY! Everyone knows what that means (this time of year).


Even though THE HERD has had a rough start to the season I am still one of the faithful. I hope to see everyone at the game. THE HERD sure does need a win........

The past week has been just like the previous weeks. Days filled with work and some pretty strange questions. I never cease to be amazed by what people think, or even by what they think they deserve. I learn something new almost every day, There are so many Government programs available to just give away money. Especially to so many that have never contributed to society. Simply amazing.

This morning Jackie and I are sitting here with the windows open listening to the birds sing. Occasionally I can hear the washing machine, but everyone understands the mood, right? Alex Cat and Josie Cat are sitting in the window watching this bird sing. I wonder if this bird knows exactly how much these cats are dreaming about his death?

The date for the quick trip to Lake Erie has been set. Just so everyone will know the date is **/**/****. If you really want to know and are planning to not burglarize my home call me and I will tell you. I spoke with the charter people and there are still a few seats left. Gonna be a blast.

Here you go, Ginger...

A husband went to buy a birthday gift for his wife. Some friends had been invited over that night to celebrate her fortieth, and he wanted to get something special. At the store he spotted some cute little music boxes. One blue one was playing "Happy Birthday."

Thinking they were all the same, he chose a red one and had it gift-wrapped. Later, at dinner, he gave it to his wife and asked her to open it...

When she lifted the lid, out came the tune to "The Old Gray Mare, She Ain't What She Used to Be!"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #55

Good morning everyone...

It is a coffee morning for sure. The air is crisp and cool. I like it. The past week I believe I met my goals. I strived for normalacy and I achieved least as normal as I can ever be. I know that many of you reading this already had that run thru your minds. I simply said it first.

It is that time of year when I begin to think about a quick run to Lake Erie for Jumbo Perch fishing. I just wanna go. Nothing to far out...just a quick trip. Jackie and I have discussed this some and I think we are gonna give it a whirl. There are several bottles of wine (at The Garden) that will require my attention.

This morning the cats are in the mood to play chase. You can imagine two (2) adult cats running thru the house and trying to touch every piece of furniture as they go.

I am thinking I might have just one more cup of coffee before I start my day. I have several things that need to be done this weekend. None of them are very important. They just gotta be done. They also have to be done before 1900hrs. Everyone knows what happens then....Let's get this party started...




Here you go, Ginger...

A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales.

The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small.

The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale.

Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible.

The little girl: said, "When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah".

The teacher: asked, " What if Jonah went to hell?"

The little girl: replied, "Then you ask him".

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #54

Good morning everyone...

I LOVE this crisp cool SATURDAY MORNING feeling. The weather seems to be getting just right. Just right for fishing. Perhaps a trip to Lake Erie...very soon. The fishing companies are fishing for Jumbo Perch out of Vermillion. That is some good eating. Almost as good as Crappie.

The past week of work has been filled with some of the strangest problems. I have been doing this job for a while now and have been amazed all week long. I am looking forward to the end of this FULL MOON CYCLE. Maybe the "strange" will go away.

The Reds are deep in the playoff run and looking good. We haven't seen that in a while. Maybe this is the year they go all the way.

Before I close this out I have got to mention the cat races. I am exhausted just watching the two of them chase each other. I believe if I had that much energy I would explode.

Here you go, Ginger...

Tom was in his usual place in the morning sitting at the table, reading the paper after breakfast. He came across an article about a beautiful actress that was about to marry a football player who was known primarily for his lack of IQ and common knowledge.

He turned to his wife Linda, with a look of question on his face.

"I'll never understand why the biggest shmucks get the most attractive wives."

His wife replies, "Why, thank you, dear!"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #53

Good Morning Everyone...

The past week there have been a few interesting items. I finally received my letter from HRMS giving me the figures to "buy back" my FERS time. I guess I should mention the fact that I resigned from the Government for about 4 years and then returned in 2004. This will be the only time(maybe) you will hear me say anything nice about President Obama. He did sign a bill allowing returning federal workers to buyback any FERS time they had received refunds for. This will greatly enhance my retirement.

Weekend plans are still up in the air. Nothing is really happening and no plans have been made. I am sure something will come up.

I am looking forward to sitting on the back porch tonight and enjoying a glass of wine. I might even open a nice bottle rather than drinking from the box in the fridge. Kinda depends on the mood.

Jackie and I are off thru Monday. I might try to convince her that we should go for a drive over thru the WV mountains. Might just be fun.

I suppose I should mention THE HERD. I am not sure that the team we saw was a fair representation of the team we will see in Conference USA. The competition we faced in the opener far outshines anything we will face in our conference. Lets keep in mind that Doc Holliday is one of the best recruiters in the nation. Perhaps he can lead us to the top of Conference USA and perhaps even into a membership in a BCS conference. Lets all support THE HERD and let "DOC" work his bag of tricks.

WE ARE.........

Last item of the day....everyone that knows Jackie should ask her about the basement door.

Here you go, Ginger...

One Sunday morning, the pastor noticed Little Johnny was staring up at the large plaque that hung in the foyer of the church. The seven-year- old had been staring at the plaque for some time, so the pastor walked up, stood beside the boy, and said quietly, "Good morning, son."

"Good morning pastor" replied the young man, focused on the plaque.

"Sir, what is this?" Little Johnny asked.

"Well son, these are all the people who have died in the service," replied the pastor.

Soberly, they stood together, staring at the large plaque.

Little Johnny's voice barely broke the silence when he asked quietly, "Which one, sir, the 8:30 or the 10:30 service?"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #52

Good morning everyone...

What a week this has been...filled with work. I have looked forward to the weekend and fully intend to enjoy every minute of it. Friday night was good. The company was great, the glass(es) of wine smooth and HS football not so bad. I wonder what adventures today will bring.

The windows in the house have been open for the past few days. I love this weather. I am not looking forward to a return to the HOT temperatures. I might try to get in a little fishing today before it gets too hot and the AC has to come back on. I think Jackie has some jobs planned for around the house and I gotta get them done. We all know how quickly I get on the home improvement stuff...except for plumbing. Even Travis knows I can't plumb.

Alex Cat and Josie Cat are playing chase tru the house. If I had that much energy I would burst...and they haven't even had any coffee.

Here you go, Ginger...

Walking up to a department store's fabric counter, a pretty girl asked, "I want to buy this material for a new dress. How much does it cost?"

"Only one kiss per yard," replied the smirking male clerk.

"That's fine," replied the girl. "I'll take ten yards."

With expectation and anticipation written all over his face, the clerk quickly measured out and wrapped the cloth, then teasingly held it out.

The girl snapped up the package and pointed to a little old man standing beside her. "Grandpa will pay the bill," she smiled.

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #51

Good morning everyone...

It is a BEAUTIFUL Saturday morning. The weather is fantastic this morning. The cats are somewhat behaving themselves, and my coffee drinking companion is fantastic. Not really sure that life gets any better than this.

I hope that all went well at Adams house last night. Sorry I couldn't make it. I believe that there is a pitcher of Sangria waiting on us very soon.

Work has been very busy. Sometimes I think I have more customers than one person can handle.

September is rapidly coming.Those of you that know me realize that september requires a trip to Lake Erie. I am thinking Jumbo Perch out of vermillion. It will be a good time. Anybody that wants to go should let me know. The more the merrier (and maybe drunker).

Here you go, Ginger..

My wife doesn't complain often, but once she was having a old-fashioned "heart-to-heart" with me and said, "Hon, you never listen to me. Every time I try to talk to you, you get this far-away look in your eyes after only a few seconds. Please promise me you'll try to work on that."

The last thing I remember was replying, "I'm sorry, what was that you were saying?"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #50

Good morning everyone...

Lets start this morning with an update...YES. Jackie survived and is alive and well. She slept...A BUNCH...but is up and after it this morning. I think she is gonna mow the yard today.

It is the weekend and I am looking forward to enjoying weekend stuff. In this particular case that means doing nothing. I seem to have been struck by a large case of the LAZY'S.

Alex Cat has finally started to become one of the family. He has been so friendly (with Jackie) and has even gotten up in the chair, beside of me, to be petted. Josie Cat is so jealous. There have been some cat fights.

Another note for those of you that might be interested. Kenny G. is still kicking. He was at the house for dinner this week. Served him "vacation fish." He keeps telling me to say hi to all of those that matter.

Here you go, Ginger...

Growing up as a kid, I learned all about capitalism through the board game Monopoly. I mean, what better way to teach a young mind the way our economy functions.

I loved this game and still do. Only now, as an adult I have some questions that remain unanswered.

For instance, if I have all this money and own all this real estate...why am I still driving around in a thimble?

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #49

Good Morning everyone...

Once again Saturday is upon us. We have worked all week and need a day to catch up on the chores around the house and to spend some time resting, so that we can return to work and have another productive week earning our pay. Screw it...I think I will just sit around and drink beer.

The past work week has been very busy. Nothing of any importance, nothing earth shattering, or even life changing. Mundane and mediocre. (yawn). I hope next week is more lively.

Home life is filled with the normal trials and tribulations. Chores to be done and dinner to be fixed. I will have to say I really like the company at home. Jackie and the Cats. Kinda sounds like an old Elton John song....

This is really strange...for those of you that know me...I really don't have anything to say.

Here you go, Ginger...

A young boy enters a barber shop and the barber whispers to his customer, "This is the dumbest kid in the world. Watch while I prove it to you."

The barber puts a dollar bill in one hand and two quarters in the other, then calls the boy over and asks, "Which do you want, son?" The boy takes the quarters and leaves.

"What did I tell you?" said the barber. "That kid never learns!"

Later, when the customer leaves, he sees the same young boy coming out of the ice cream store. "Hey, son! May I ask you a question? Why did you take the quarters instead of the dollar bill?"

The boy licked his cone and replied, "Because the day I take the dollar, the game's over!"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #48

Good morning everyone...

Good old saturday...I have missed you all week long.

This morning's coffee tastes especially good. I think it is my body wanting an increase in the caffeine dose. I am happy to indulge.

This morning I want to talk about "pulling together." Has there ever been a time when your life seemed to settle into that fantastically wonderful routine?
You know, the one where everything has pulled together and you look forward to getting up the next morning. Mine has. I love it. Life is just good.

Sometime this next week I want to go fishing at Lock#27. I haven't spent enough time there this year. The fish miss me.

Trout fishing season is almost upon us. I am looking forward to it. I might just have to hit the fish monger downtown and get some fresh trout. I am in the mood.

Lastly, Bill and of luck. Your contributions and presence will surely be missed by all of those you have worked with...and I suppose I should say...Congrats on the new job.

Here you go, Ginger

A Yuppie was sent a ransom note saying that he was to bring $50,000 to the 17th hole of the country club at 10 o'clock the next day if he ever wanted to see his wife alive again.

He didn't arrive until almost 12:30. A masked man stepped out from behind some bushes and growled, "What the hell took ya so long ? You're over two hours late."

"Hey ! Give me a break." whined the Yuppie. "I have a 27 handicap."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #47

Good morning everyone...

My first week back to work (after vacation) seemed very, very long. I just couldn't get into it. I accomplished a bunch, but only by forcing myself.

Jackie has finally convinced the finnicky little bastard to actually eat out of a cat dish rather than a Fancy Feast can. Sometimes its the small victories that mean the most.

Today is the day that I go and stand by my friend (Travis) while he marries the love of his life. I wish them nothing but the best. For those of you that are interested I will have to put my spin on things. Yes, I realize that it is HER day, but I gotta do something....
Last night, at practice, the preacher told the COORDINATOR that she had to actually see the RING at 5 minutes before the wedding started. He pounded this point in...kinda made me feel like he thought I was gonna screw this up, so...I am taking a ring from my house with me. When the COORDINATOR asks to see the ring I am gonna have the one from my house in my mouth and simply open it so she can see the ring on my tongue. I hope she doesn't hurt herself when she hits the ground.

Here you go, Ginger...

Little Tommy was doing very badly in math. His parents had tried everything; tutors, flash cards, special learning centers, in short, everything they could think of. Finally in a last ditch effort, they took Tommy down and enrolled him in the local Catholic School.

After the first day, little Tommy comes home with a very serious look on his face. He doesn't kiss his mother hello. Instead, he goes straight to his room and starts studying. Books & papers are spread out all over the room and little Tommy is hard at work. His mother is amazed. She calls him down to dinner and to her shock, the minute he is done he marches back to his room without a word and in no time he is back hitting the books as hard as before.

This goes on for sometime, day after day while the mother tries to understand what made all the difference. Finally, little Tommy brings home his report card. He quietly lays it on the table and goes up to his room and hits the books.

With great trepidation, his Mom looks at it and to her surprise; little Tommy got an A in math. She can no longer hold her curiosity. She goes to his room and says: "Son, what was it? Was it the nuns?" Little Tommy looks at her and shakes his head. "Well then," she replies, "was it the books, the discipline, the structure, the uniforms, WHAT was it?"

Little Tommy looks at her and says, "Well, on the first day of school, when I saw that guy nailed to the plus sign, I knew they weren't fooling around."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #46

Good morning everyone...

Vacation has been FANTASTIC. Please check this out (look at the pictures from 071510).

Me and Jackie fishing

The past 2 weeks of vacation have been just wonderful.This has been the best vacation. I feel so refreshed and believe that I am once again ready to take on the world (hope I don't have to). I can only wish that next years vacation is this good.

There was some discussion about how mad the cats would be when we got home. They acted like they didn't even realize we had been gone...although the finnicky little bastard still demands seafood in the mornings.

I suppose I will spend the rest of this weekend getting ready to return to work. Lots of interesting things happening there and I suppose I will need to jump in with both feet.

Here you go, Ginger...

Three friends die in a car accident and they go to an orientation in heaven. They are all asked, "When you are in your casket and friends and family are mourning you, what would you like to hear them say about you?

The first guy says,"I would like to hear them say that I was a great doctor of my time, and a great family man."

The second guy says, "I would like to hear that I was a wonderful husband and school teacher which made a huge difference in our children of tomorrow.

The last guy replies, "I would like to hear them say ... Look, He's Moving!

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #45

Good morning everyone...

The finnicky little bastard wouldn't eat this morning. Of course, Josie cat was available to assist.

I suppose I should talk about the trip to Lake Erie. It was fantastic, and there is enough perch and walleye in the freezer to last thru several meals. I had a great time and once again want to send out thanks to my hosts. Bill, I would appreciate if you would pass that on for me.

This coming week starts another adventure. Jackie and I are heading for North Carolina. I am thinking about the Beach, the Fishing, and the Company. I don't believe that a person could go wrong.

Here you go, Ginger...

A husband and wife were debating on buying a new car. She wanted a fast sports car. He wanted a pickup. As time passed on, her birthday came up and she thought it a great time to fulfill her wish.

She told her husband, "Look, I want something that can go from 0 to 200. Furthermore, I want it to be able to do it in just a few seconds!"

The husband bought her a bathroom scale.

(The funeral is at 3:00pm Wednesday)

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #44

Good morning everyone...

Wow...The first day of vacation is finally here.The morning seems happier, the sun feels warmer, and the coffee tastes better. At this rate breakfast on Sunday may kill me.

Today, there will be a big batch of ribs smoking on the grill...probably start that soon. I promised I would bring some to my friend, Kenny (and his girlfriend) when we go there tonight for fireworks. I was at the campground for fireworks last year and they were fantastic.

I am pretty sure that Sunday's plans will include me drowning a couple of worms...I am thinking about Old Lock 27. The weather will be about right for it.

This blog is supposed to be a reflection of my thoughts and feelings. It kind of seems that I usually end up talking about what I am about to do. This morning I want to say something about life. My life feels full. I am with a wonderful woman. Jackie seems to be able to keep me on the path, but whenever I veer from it she is still there...and is supportive. I only hope that I can be for her what she is for me. Life is good...and gets better every day.

Just for those of you interested...the Finnicky Little Bastard tasted Josie cat's food this morning. Tried to cover it with carpet and walked away. HE went back and sampled some more Fancy Feast so that it would get the bad taste out of his mouth.

Here you go, Ginger...

My wife has not spoken to me in three days. I think it has something to do with what happened on Sunday night when she thought she heard a noise downstairs.

She nudged me and whispered, "Wake up, wake up!"

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"There are burglars in the kitchen. I think they're eating the tuna casserole I made tonight."

"That'll teach them!" I replied.

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #43

Good morning everyone...

I want to start off this morning with a short story about Alex Cat and....Jackie. As many of you already know, Alex has started eating CAN FOOD. Fancy Feast to be exact. Josie Cat will eat anything....SO, we go to the store and I start to pick up a box of Fancy Feast. Jackie says.."No, Let's get this Aristocrats's cheaper." When we get home she puts some out for Alex Cat. He sniffs it and WALKS AWAY. Needless to say, we have been back to Kroger and bought Fancy Feast. Jackie is considering changing his name to..."Finnicky Little Bastard."

My work life has changed (as of Friday). I resigned as Chief Steward of the local union. There were "things" going on that I just would not tolerate nor be a part of. I enjoyed my time there and can only hope that I gave as much to them as they gave to me.

I have some very, very sad news to report. As of this coming friday I on vacation for 2 weeks. Yipppppeeeeee!!!!!!

Here you go, Ginger...

"It's time to see how clearly you can think," the teacher said to his class. "Now, listen carefully, and think about what I'm saying. I'm thinking of a person who has the same mother and father as I have. But this person is not my brother and not my sister. Who is it?"

The kids in the class furrowed their brows, scratched their heads, and otherwise showed how hard they were thinking. But no one came up with the right answer.

When everyone in the class had given up, the teacher announced, "The person is me."

Little Jeffrey beamed at learning the answer. "That's a good one," he said to himself. "I'll have to try that on Mom and Dad."

At dinner that night, little Jeffrey repeated the riddle to his parents. "I'm thinking of a person who has the same mother and father as I have," he said. "But this person isn't my brother and isn't my sister. Who is it?"

His parents furrowed their brows, scratched their heads, and otherwise pretended that they were thinking hard. Then they both said, "I give up. Who is it?"

"It's my teacher!" Jeffrey said.

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #42

Good morning everyone...

The past week has had several incidents worthy of being written about. The first is "The BUG incident." Seems there was a lightning bug that got into the house. Josie cat and Alex cat chased him from room to room. Finally the bug settled on the side of the refrigerator. Alex cat sat down and meowed "treed" just like an old coon dog would have.

Vacation plans are starting to come together. A Port Clinton trip has been scheduled. Alas...I will be there for 2 for 1 bottles of wine night. How terrible for me.

After I finish writing this I believe Jackie and I are going to find a hotel for vacation. North Carolina beaches look out, cause here we come.

The past week at work has been just fine. Nothing too far out happening...just work.

Tonight, the plans seem to be dinner and a movie for Jackie and I. Sounds like a good time. Maybe I will convince her to take me to a fancy go to eatin' place...never can tell.

Here you go, Ginger...

Three elderly men are at the doctor's office for a memory test. The doctor asks the first man, "What is three times three?" "274," came the reply. The doctor rolls his eyes and looks up at the ceiling, and says to the second man, "It's your turn. What is three times three?"

"Tuesday," replies the second man. The doctor shakes his head sadly, then asks the third man, "Okay, your turn. What's three times three?"

"Nine," says the third man.

"That's great!" says the doctor. "How did you get that?"

"Simple," he says, "just subtract 274 from Tuesday."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #41

Good morning everyone....

This morning I would like to start with a comment about Jackie. I truly believe that I have found someone special. She seems to be in step with my heart. I can only hope that I can come close to being for her what she is for me.

Lets talk about BP. What in the world are they thinking? I am not normally for Government controls, but I believe that the USA needs to take control of this company, fire a large percentage of the upper management (without the "GOLDEN PARACHUTES) and pay out a lot of money (NOW) to the devastated economies in the areas affected by this spill. Yes, I realize that the company is not an American company...but they have a lot of assets here. Lets make them fix this without any cost to the American taxpayer.

On a brighter is only three more weeks unitl VACATION. I am so looking forward to NOT going in to work. The thought makes me GIDDY.

Now, as for vacation plans...Gonna be some fishing. I believe that Jackie and I will be heading south for a couple of days. I am not sure what I will do with the rest of my time. I keep thinking I want to go north and fish at Lake Eerie but I also want to go in september and Jumbo Perch fish out of Vermilion. Gosh, what a quandary...2 fishing trips or 1? Also, for those of you that know Jackie...Fishing isn't the only vacation plans. There are some plans in the works for her also.

Bob, you said you wanted to make it over to Lake Eerie this year...maybe september would be the right time...Adam, same for you...might have to schedule on a tuesday since it 50% off bottles of wine (or is that 2 for 1)?

Lets discuss cats. Alex cat has been "off his feed" for quite a while. Yesterday, I bought a different kind of cat food and got out a bowl and gave it to him. He ate like there was never going to be cat food again. This morning Jackie put the same food in the cat food bowl. Alex cat would not eat it. I thought maybe it was the wrong flavor or something. Jackie got out another bowl (the throw away plastic bowls) and put some in it. Alex cat ate it. Turns out he has to have his own bowl. I guess from now on we will have to refer to the cat feeding area as the cat smorgasboard.

Do you suppose the cats are spoiled or are they really supposed to smell that way?

Here you go, Ginger...

Freddie was eighteen years old, friendly, and eager to do things right. Unfortunately, he wasn't especially bright. He had just started his first job, as a delivery boy and general "go-fer" at a furniture warehouse. His first task was to go out for coffee.

He walked into a nearby coffee shop carrying a large thermos. When the counterman finally noticed him, he held up the thermos.

"Is this big enough to hold six cups of coffee?" he said. The counterman looked at the thermos, hesitated for a few seconds, then finally said, "Yeah. It looks like about six cups to me."

"Good," Freddie said. "Give me two regular, two black, and two decaf."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #40

Good morning everyone...

This past week there have been some items in the news that have weighed heavily on my mind. I can sum it up with..."BP...what in the hell are you thinking?"
This large conglomerate of people, interested only in making money, have orchestrated a disaster of Biblical proportions. There are more and more people being affected by the greedy (and incompetent) actions of these oil executives. Will we see CEO's being fired (or even taking a paycut). I think not. Will we see many idle shrimp boats along the coast? I believe we will. Will the greedy oil people bring in cheap labor from 3rd world countries to clean this up? Watch and see. I realize the American government does not have the expertise to clean this up, but how about we seize this company, under one of those wonderful laws we have, and let the government execs direct the "oil experts" in the cleanup. Lets also take the salaries of the "oil execs" and a bunch of the profits and put the affected people along the coast line on BP's payroll (benefits included).

I am sure I will have more to say on this in the future.

The past week of work has been hectic. Business seems to be doubled for me.

The house is coming along just fine. Rose bushes planted in the yard. Jackie is very pleased to have them in the ground. Here is something for those of you that know her...ask her about her cucumber plants. She is still pissed about that. She told me she needs a new gun (or slingshot).

I am ready to grab a boat and head down the lake at Beech Fork. Summer is upon us and I have the urge to be on the water. I might even try to catch a fish or two.

Here you go, Ginger...
A young boy had just gotten his driving permit. He asked his father, who was a minister, if they could discuss the use of the car. His father took him to his study and said to him, "I'll make a deal with you. You bring your grades up, study your Bible a little and get your hair cut and we'll talk about it."

After about a month the boy came back and again asked his father if they could discuss use of the car. They again went to the father's study where his father said, "Son, I've been real proud of you. You have brought your grades up, you've studied your Bible diligently, but you didn't get your hair cut!"

The young man waited a moment and replied, "You know Dad, I've been thinking about that. You know, Samson had long hair, Moses had long hair, Noah had long hair, and even Jesus had long hair...."

To which his father replied,"Yes, and they walked everywhere"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #39

Good morning everyone...

Today, I want to say something about Memorial Day. While we are enjoying family and cookouts...lets take a minute to remember how we got the freedom to do it and those that aren't here anymore.

I need to make a correction from last week. The Crappie were cooked on monday evening. They were yummy. Jackie cleaned them on Sunday. Only 12 nice Crappie.

This has been one of those weeks. I was going to have Friday off, but Levi called Thursday evening and asked me to work midnite shift. I did and Jackie came out and fished. She caught a Bass that was about 11 inches long. It was a good night.

The house is filled with 15 y/o girls. Do they always sleep so late on Saturdays?

This item is for everyone that follows the gardening at the house. WE HAVE A TOMATO ON THE PLANTS. I wanted to eat it but Jackie decided that we needed to let it grow bigger than a cashew.

The Beans and Cucumbers are growing like crazy. Its gonna be a good summer.

Here you go Ginger...

A very dirty little boy came in from playing in the yard and asked his mother, "Who am I?"

Ready to play the game she said, "I don't know! Who are you?"

"WOW!" cried the child. "Mrs. Johnson was right! She said I was so dirty, my own mother wouldn't recognize me!"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #38

Good morning everyone...

Lets start out today talking about the recent amount of airplane crashes. I think I am going to think seriously about driving until all of the "old" planes have crashed.

I suppose another piece of news is the oil moving towards Florida. That is going to devastate the economy there. Guess I won't be fishing there this year.

Speaking of fishing...tonight I work at Beech Fork. I am thinking Crappie for dinner on sunday. Yummy.

This past week at work has been just fine. I can't seem to get caught up, but am I really suppose to? The papers come in and I shuffle them, then send them on to someone else. Seems like such a waste of time, yet they continue to pay me. Fair trade...I reckon.

The goldfish pond in the front yard is looking good. We (Jackie and I) have fixed a new type of waterfall. I suppose it might need some adjustments, but we will get to that. Jackie also planted some flowers around it. Looking good....and the fish seem happier.

Here you go Ginger...
A grandmother overheard her 5-year-old granddaughter playing "wedding." The wedding vows went like this:

"You have the right to remain silent, anything you say may be held against you, you have the right to have an attorney present. You may kiss the bride."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #37

Good morning everyone...

This morning the house seems filled with the sound of cats rumbling thru the house in a never ending battle. The Tom cat (Alex Cat) is so gentle with the little female (Josie Cat). Josie rips large chunks of hair out of him and he just takes it. I imagine he is just being nice. Someday she might just be in for a rude awakening.

The past week at work was just another week of work. I am very ready to see some vacation time.

Next weekend I get to work at Beech Fork. I am planning on fishing all night. I bet we bring home a cooler full of crappie. Guess what I am having for dinner on Sunday.

Today, there will be a trip to Lowes. Several things will get done this weekend. The project list seems to get longer and longer regardless of how much is finished.

I am now on my second cup of coffee and am still not motivated.

Here you go, Ginger...

A University of Michigan football fan was visiting Morgantown,WV. He decided to go into a bar close to the WVU Mountaineer football stadium. The bar was filled with Moutaineer football fans. When the University of Michigan football fan walked in the bar became very quiet.

The bartender approached the Michigan fan and asked him what he would like to drink and the Michigan fan ordered a beer. The bartender asked the Michigan fan about why he was in Morgantown and the Michigan fan replied "just visiting."

During the conversation the bartender asked the Michigan fan..."What do you do for a living?"

The Michigan fan replied "I am a taxidermist."

The bartender (and an obvious WVU fan) said "What does a taxidermist do?"

The Michigan fan said "I mount small animals."

The bartender turns to the still quiet crowd of Mountaineer fans and says "It's OK guys...He's one of us."

How about those Mountainqueers!!!!!!!

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #36

Good morning everyone....

What an interesting week at work. The company I work for was nice enough to send me to Lexington,KY for a class. I can't say very much positive about the class....but, dinner at bd's Mongolian Grill was fantastic. My dinner companion (Jackie) made it even "more better."

Some interesting news from the work arena....the AFGE is having a National membership drive. Everyone that signs up gets $100 and the recruiter gets $100. I hope to have my best recruiting month ever, and am off to a pretty good start. Seems as if I am working on the vacation fund.

A few weeks ago I got a couple of those topsy-turvy planters. We hung them on the back deck. The plants are growing and it appears as if they are gonna produce very nicely. Stay tuned for updates on the tomatoes.

Speaking of vegetables...Jackie has planted what can only be described as a forest of green onions. WOW! She says she is also gonna put in some green beans and cucumbers. I am not sure if we will need to purchase more acreage or not.

The call from Lake Erie is once again sounding out to me. I am thinking sometime in June we are going to take a weekend and run up. A day of fishing, drunk at the Garden (after a fine meal) and then return on a sunday. Does it even get any better than that? I suppose the only thing I could ask for would be if the Garden was having a 50% off bottles of wine sale...for this reference please find and read the time Adam and I went up. Took me a week to sober up. We never did manage to steal a beer glass...

I have decided that tonight I will have to have wine with dinner because this morning I am going to fix bacon and eggs. Gotta keep my cholesterol in check.

Here you go, Ginger...

Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other: "Does this taste funny to you?"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #35

Good morning everyone...

Lets start todays reflection thinking about a new discovery I made on thursday...When you have a back spasm that is so painful you start to just curl up and are useless...there is a cure. I have discovered that Dilaudid(4mg) is a wonder drug. Thank you Dr. Rajan.

The rest of my week has been just fine. Everything just flowing along. Work is just work. Home life is great. The chores are getting done...and fishing weather is here.One of my friends stopped by and we discussed going up to the Hughes river area to do a little trout fishing. Souds like a good time to me.

Today...(NO LAUGHING) I am getting fitted for a TUX. My friend is getting married (in a couple months) and I will be there with him. I know the happy couple will be good for each other. I also have decided not to pull the chilicothe trick on him. The repercussions could be devastating.

Last weekends Sangria get together did not goes as planned but I believe everyone that set out to catch a buzz did. We all had a great time. I believe grill and chill with some Perch is next. Gonna be a blast.

Here you go, Ginger...

A man and his wife were lying in bed the other night when he noticed she had bought a new book entitled, "What 20 Million American Women Want."

He grabbed the book out of her hands and started thumbing through the pages.

His wife was a little annoyed. "Hey, what do you think you're doing?"

He calmly replied, "I just wanted to see if they spelled my name right."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #34

Good morning is time for my weekly posting about how things are. I have been told that sometimes my views are not exactly the same as everyones. Think of that.

This morning, there is the sound of cats playing chase thru the house. I have also heard Jackie..."Get him, Josie." This is usually followed by another cat chase. Everyone should also feel very sorry for the toy mouse as it has been killed several times already today.

Today is burnt cow and sangria with some friends. We have the fruit and wine and they have the cow and the cow burner. Sounds yummy.

The past week at work has been just filled with news. Jobs being posted. People changing positions. New job duties for several people. Seems just like the government at work, constant change.

Slowly, but surely, the house plans are coming together. Tomatoes growing in baskets on the back porch. Onion sets out in the garden. Plans in place to fix several items outside (and inside). Gotta love it when a good plan comes together.

Last night,I told a story from when I was a teenager. Everyone laughed until their eyes watered. Way too long to type here, but if you want to hear it...ask me about the skunk story.

Here you go, Ginger...

Three tourists climbed up the tower with London's Big Ben and decided to throw their watches off the top, run down the stairs and try to catch them before they hit the ground. The first tourist threw his watch but heard it crash before the had taken three steps. the second threw his watch and made only two steps before hearing his watch shatter. The third tourist threw his watch off the tower, went down the stairs, bought a snack at a shop up the street and walked slowly back to Big Ben in time to catch the watch." How did you do that?" asked one of his friends.

"My watch is 30 minutes slow."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #33

Good morning everyone...

Is it gonna rain (and be cool) every weekend this summer?

The sun is streaming thru the back sliding glass door. There seems to be a constant flow of cat playing rolling thru the sun. At least, they aren't hissing and trying to kill each other.

I know this is supposed to be a reflection, but...I am looking forward to next weekend. Jackie and I are heading off to some friends for Sangria. Also being served is some cow,warmed on the grill. Gonna be a blast.

Often, there are people that enter our lives. Perhaps for a reason, and perhaps not. Our friendships intermingle and we see/feel our friends pain. I have a friend that received news, and it was not actually pleasant news. My thoughts and prayers go out for this person. C'mon...fight like a girl.

For those of you following the seemingly endless saga of divorce...I am now the SOLE OWNER of MY truck. I also have the new license plate. YIPPEE!!!

For so many years I have searched to find me again. I believe that I finally found me. I was never gone. I think that it was simply a growing and settling process that I needed. Happiness has entered into my being and I am content. My life seems full and I am now able to address my wants, since my needs are being met. Trust me, when I say, life is good.

Here you go, Ginger

A fourth-grade teacher was giving her pupils a lesson in logic.

"Here is the situation," she said. "A man is standing up in a boat in the middle of a river, fishing. He loses his balance, falls in, and begins splashing and yelling for help. His wife hears the commotion, knows he can't swim, and runs down to the bank. Why do you think she ran to the bank?"

A girl raised her hand and asked, "To draw out all his savings?"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #32

Good morning everyone...

Today we start off the morning with cats sleeping in the sunlight streaming thru the sliding back glass. The rule here appears to be..."The one that wiggles is the one that starts it." Cat fights throughout the morning.

The overtime is finished at work...I am glad about that. I welcome the break.

Here is an update in reference to the ongoing saga of my post divorce dealings with my ex. The truck title is signed (includes the notary) and has been delivered to the DMV. I should have a clear title to MY TRUCK and NEW PLATES at the end of this week. There is now only one item left to deal with from the divorce and that seems to be going smoothly. YEEHAW

I look around my home and find that I am at peace with myself. The house is filled with sounds that I love and there are cats, memories, and my girlfriend. Life appears to be flowing in a positive direction. I believe that I have removed the negative things from my life and filled in with good and positive items. I feel myself changing and becoming more of the person I used to be and that moves me closer to being who I want to be.

Here you go, Ginger...

A friend was in front of me coming out of church one day, and as always the preacher was standing at the door shaking hands as the congregation departed. He grabbed my friend by the hand and pulled him aside.

The preacher said to him, "You need to join the Army of the Lord!"

My friend replied, "I'm already in the Army of the Lord, Preacher."

The preacher questioned, "How come I don't see you except for Christmas and Easter?"

He whispered back, "I'm in the secret service."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #31

Good morning everyone...Can you believe the weather. SUMMER has arrived (or at least SPRING!!). Todays reflection ...HMMMMM...Guess I am not feeling very reflective today. I will have to say that the wvu mountainqueers (I think I spelled that right) have made an impressive march thru the NCAA. Morganhole will be ablaze with couch fires if the mountainqueers don't choke. Gene Corum would roll over in his grave if he saw what I wrote...and he would probably tell my grandmother. Damn...would I ever be in trouble.

Lately, I have been paying closer attention to the Professional Felons playing for BIG MONEY in what everyone says is professional sports. Why are we (as a society) placing criminals, sexual deviants, and addicts, as role models for our children. Lets band together and STOP allowing the high dollar athletes to be ROLE MODELS. Lets retake our society and cut the salaries paid to these hoodlums. Lets raise the salaries paid to the people that actually contribute to our society. I don't really care who gets the raise because after you remove drug dealers, criminals, and used car salesmen everone left contributes more to society than any pro athlete....wait a minute...if you take out criminals doesn't that double exclude many pro athletes and almost half of the wvu mountaineer football team? and if couch burning is a crime the entire campus could be in trouble.

This past week the overtime ended at work. That was on Thursday. Friday...I worked an hour over because it restarted...but only for a very short time. Stay tuned for details.

I have a question for everyone. Does anyone know how to get a wvu graduate off of the porch? Yes, everyone is correct to say "pay them for the pizza."

I would like to add...please remember to tip. That way we could possibly get them past a point where they would be eligible for the earned income credit on their Federal Taxes.

The tip might also allow the pizza delivery guys spouse to get a new sign....(homeless hungry wvu grad...will burn couches for food).

It is expected that the WV Governors office will be requesting a research grant from the Federal Government. Gov. Manchin (supposedly) will request funding for a research program to see if it is possible to contain the BTU's from the couches burnt in morganhole and recycle them for energy. The contained and recycled energy would be placed back into the power grid and any funds received from the power company would be used as a buy down at the local furniture stores to lower the price of couches. Any knowledge developed from this study will be taught only at wvu in a class open to all current wvu students. Couch Conflagration 401. This will also be a requirement for all football players. There will be a remedial version (using loveseats) called Couch Burning 099.

Here you go, Ginger

For all of us who are married, were married, wish you were married, or wish you weren't married, this is something to smile about the next time you open a bottle of wine.

Sally was driving home from one of her business trips in Northern Arizona when she saw an elderly Navajo woman walking on the side of the road. As the trip was a long and quiet one, she stopped the car and asked the Navajo woman if she would like a ride.

With a silent nod of thanks, the woman got into the car. Resuming the journey, Sally tried in vain to make a bit of small talk with the Navajo woman. The old woman just sat silently, looking intently at everything she saw, studying every little detail, until she noticed a brown bag on the seat next to Sally.

"What's in the bag?" asked the old woman.

Sally looked down at the brown bag and said, "It's a bottle of it for my husband." The Navajo woman was silent for another moment or two. Then speaking with the quiet wisdom of an elder, she said, "Good trade."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #30

Good Morning everyone....

Here it is, another beautiful saturday.Seems as if summer is almost here. Lots of news from the past week.

First...there has been a new arrival at the house. Alex Cat. Josie Cat now has a new playmate. All seems to be well and and the cat chases are in full swing.

Second...My lawyer called. Guess what he has in his office. THE SIGNED TITLE TO MY TRUCK!!!!!!!I believe that will be enough written down about that.

Third...I worked part of a shift last night at Beech Fork....Levi, my friend, I certainly hope you enjoy the Bass tournament...and don't take your Gameboy.

Fourth...Today there will be a cookout at the house. Kenny brought down some nice NY Strips and I am going to grill them. Might even be convinced to drink a beer or two.

I suppose I should look back over the past month and reflect some on how my life has moved along. The waxing and waning of the moon through its cycles parallels my life. The changes that I have encountered can even be likened to the ebbing and flowing of ocean tides. Several times I have mentioned that you must have lows in order to know when you are high. There must be extremes so that you can find the middle. I have discovered that my life is average...and I like it. The house is alive with life. Thanks to ****** the counters are clean and the clothes are washed. Peace and tranquility rule my world.

Here you go, Ginger...

A three-year-old boy went with his dad to see a new litter of kittens.

On returning home, he breathlessly informed his mother, "There were two boy kittens and two girl kittens."

"How did you know that?" his mother asked.

"Daddy picked them up and looked underneath," he replied. "I think it's printed on the bottom."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #29

Good Morning Everyone... is it really sunshining and warm on a Saturday? Even I feel energized today. I think there might be some vehicles getting cleaned (inside AND out)today.

I suppose I will start with the subject of work today.....enough said.

The house is filled with kids and a cat. Miss Josie Cat is so full of energy she makes me tired. The debate about getting her a companion has been going on. I think it will not be very long until a second cat is added to the household. Brings back a lot of memories.

I know that at the end of the last fishing season I said I wasn't going back to Port Clinton. I am not sure what it is, but, I seem to be drawn there. I am planning a trip back. I am sure that Jackie and I will have a blast.

Speaking of trips...looks like a funfilled 3 or 4 days in Hilton Head,SC coming up for me. Stayed tuned for the details.Also,if anyone has any suggestions about what to do just let me know...since I have never been there.

Here is an update for those of you following the post divorce proceedings. The ex-wife has not been to her lawyer's to sign the title to my truck yet. I can't say it's her fault as the lawyer didn't say they had gotten in contact with her to have her come in and sign. When the title is signed there will only be one item left between us and...she appears to be following the court order on that.

Dinner tonight will be BBQ'd chicken...on the GRILL. Tis the season. Might even be a beer involved in this grillin' thing.

Here you go , Ginger...and careful not to bust a stitch...

A man and his wife were making their first doctor visit prior to the birth of their first child. After everything checked out, the doctor took a small stamp and stamped the wife's stomach with indelible ink.

The couple was curious about what the stamp was for, so when they got home, he dug out his magnifying glass to try to see what it was. In very tiny letters, the stamp said, "When you can read this without a needing a magnifying glass, come back and see me."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #28

Good Morning Everyone...

My first thought this morning is about fishing (think of that). I am sure that the State Hatcheries are stocking trout everywhere. I might have to go and drown some Powerbait. Nothing like some good fresh trout.

Josie cat is busy this morning playing on her personal microwave know, the one where I am allowed to put the microwave on top and she uses the bottom shelf as storage for her catnip mice and play area. She is hard at it this morning.

Last night's dinner was GRILLED chicken. Thank God it is grilling season again. I even made some homemade BBQ sauce. Yummy.

Now, for those of you following the DIVORCE saga (Epic? or maybe even miniseries?)...The title to my truck has been taken to her lawyers office to await a signature from her. I hope that she doesn't delay so that I can get the new title and registration. This will, of course, bring closure to another chapter of the divorce. I hope that the next time I mention this it will be to say that this item has been completed.

There has been an experiment going on at my house. I have been trying to see how many items one refridgerator magnet can hold is time for me to get some more magnets.

The past week has been filled with early to bed and early to rise. Personally, I am just thrilled with the way life goes. I am, afterall, on the correct side of the ground. The food I eat is good and the company I choose to keep is wonderful. Work is even going well. My new attitude is not one where I wait for the next "bad thing" but one where I look forward to more good and fun. I also know that in order to know when you have it good you have to experience the opposite of that. I will strive to enjoy the entire spectrum.

Here you go, Ginger...

After learning the Lamaze method of natural childbirth, I was admitted to the delivery room with my wife.

It seemed like an eternity before the doctor finally announced, "I've got the head now; just a few more minutes."

"Is it a girl or boy?" I asked excitedly.

The doctor replied, "I don't know. It's hard to tell by the ears."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection#27

Good Morning Everyone...

This mornings blog is brought you from the kitchen table, where the sunshine is streaming thru the sliding back glass door, which leads to the back deck, where we will soon be grilling on the .....You get the idea, I'm sure.

The work week was very interesting. Training on the new system was completed and at close of business the computer people shut it down so it could not be used. The National Union has filed a demand to bargain and issued a cease and desist on this item. I am not sure when we get to use the new system. Did I mention that this will extend the amount of overtime we are working. I am starting to wear down.

The sun is shining. The cat is playing. Spring is in the air. I might have to start cleaning the fishing gear. Is it time for that yet?

There are several of you that know my friend Kenny. This weekend is his 66th birthday. He is at his mothers house celebrating. Everyone should try and say something.

This morning,my house is filled with 14 y/o girls. I thought there was 20ish, but was informed that I had miscounted. There was only three. Where did all of the ice cream go?

Here you go, Ginger...

One night a fellow drove his secretary home after she had imbibed a little too much at an office reception. Although this was an innocent gesture, he decided not to mention it to his wife, who tended to get jealous easily.

The next night the man and his wife were driving to a res- taurant. Suddenly he looked down and spotted a high-heel shoe half hidden under the passenger seat. Not wanting to be conspicuous, he waited until his wife was looking out her window before he scooped up the shoe and tossed it out of the car.

With a sigh of relief, he pulled into the restaurant parking lot. That's when he noticed his wife squirming around in her seat. "Honey," she asked, "have you seen my other shoe?"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #26

Good Morning Everyone....

Will it ever quit snowing? I am soooo ready for some Spring/Summer. I seem to be spending more time looking at fishing trips on the internet. I just wanna go, catch something (fish) kill it, and cook it. Also, for those of you that laughed because I clarified what I wanted to catch...stop knew exactly what I meant.

I finally got to start training on the new system at work. The concept is fantastic, and although it has been installed at several other locations there seems to be numerous "glitches." I still can hear the "Amway" song echoing thru my head. Guess we will have to wait and see.

It is quiet this morning, except for Miss Josie...running thru the house. She is a bundle of energy and I wish she could be taught to do something useful.

Lastly, before I move on...Congrats to the person that finished RT. God Bless you and I hope for only good news in your future. you go...
Two elderly women were out driving in a large car - both could barely see over the dashboard. As they were cruising along, they came to an intersection. The stoplight was red, but they just went on through. The woman in the passenger seat thought to herself "I must be losing it. I could have sworn we just went through a red light."

After a few more minutes, they came to another intersection and the light was red again. Again, they went right through. The woman in the passenger seat was almost sure that the light had been red but was really concerned that she was losing it. She was getting nervous.

At the next intersection, sure enough, the light was red and they went on through. So, she turned to the other woman and said, "Mildred, did you know that we just ran through three red lights in a row? You could have killed us both!" Mildred turned to her and said, "Oh my! Am I driving?"

Well, until the next time...Please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #25

Good Morning Everyone,

Can you believe how hard it is snowing and how awful it is outside?.....Hey...Wait a minute...Do I see some sunshine? My fishing poles are calling.

The Amway...I people have been doing training at work on the new system. I haven't been involved yet, but most of the staff are impressed with the new system. Maybe the Govt has done something right.

This morning the house is filled with the sound of sleeping kids. Miss Josie Cat did her best to wake us this morning by knocking the tv remote off of the nightstand. This normally happens at 0430. Seems she has developed a habit. Perhaps I will need to send her to rehab...or maybe just a good old fashioned kitty spanking. Oh stop it and quit looking so appalled...I do believe in corporal punishment (and pleasure). Enough of that...

It is rapidly moving towards spring, and we all know what happens in spring. A young mans thoughts turn towards thoughts of....Spring Walleye fishing. I might just try and make that trip this year. Any of you guys interested just let me know. I might also make a quick run up for a weekend....haven't decided yet. I do believe I will have dinner at The Garden though.

I guess I am gonna have to tell you about the most interesting thing from last night...There I was in Kroger's...minding my own business...and what to my wandering eyes did I see? A man down on one knee, proposing to a woman. She said yes. They hugged and kissed. Pictures were taken. Then we all went to dinner. lets hear the rest of the story(yes, I plagarized that). My friend Travis was introduced to his girlfriend on 021909. They fell deeply in love and have been co-habitating for some time now. Travis had wanted to propose to her in the place where she was when he first spoke with her. Aisle 12 at the Krogers in Proctorville, OH. I assisted him with this plan by...getting permission to take pictures, inviting them to dinner at my house (I had no intention of cooking), and calling to get them to stop at Krogers and pick something up for me. I called her cell phone when she was in the correct place and turned her around so that Travis could get down on his old, arthritic, debilitated knee and present her with the ring and the question. Karen's daughter was in on the surprise also. My daughter, her friend, and my girlfriend Jackie were also there. Many pictures were taken.

Travis...after the many trials and tribulations that you have been thru, you deserve this. The chance for love and happiness is within your grasp. I truly believe that the two of you are just meant to be and I wish you nothing but peace and happiness throughout the rest of your lives.

A word of advice from the old man...One must experience both ends of the spectrum in order to truly enjoy the peace in the middle.

Ginger...I didn't forget about you...

A certain little girl, when asked her name, would reply, "I'm Mr. Sugarbrown's daughter."

Her mother told her this was wrong, she must say, "I'm Jane Sugarbrown."

The Vicar spoke to her in Sunday School and said, "Aren't you Mr. Sugarbrown's daughter?"

She replied, "I thought I was, but mother says I'm not."

Well, until the next time...Please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #24

Good morning everyone,

Lets start today off by giving thanks for the positive influences in our lives. Perhaps, we should also spend some time praying for those around us that have negative items in their lives. I am sure that we will ALL be remembered in someone's prayers.

The work week was rather busy. My regular job (as many of you know) is very hectic. I love that it is not the type of work that goes home with you. I also like the pace of the work. Next week the Amway...I mean trainers for the new system will be there. I am not looking forward to listening to the new people spew forth a canned rhetoric about how "good" their particular brand of Amway, I mean software, is.

Lets reflect on the past week. Damn, how things can change so quickly. Since this is directed at those of you "in the know" then you already know. Sorry to those that don't, but you should keep in closer contact. Guess everyone will just have to wait and see.

Bill..How about this wednesday or next? I bet you can make it out and the wine stock at Frankie D's needs to be drank down a little. Expensuve but well worth it. Just give me a yell.

Adam and Stephanie...we gotta get together and do some Sangria while we still have a DD...

Travis...dude lets kill something and grill it...Maybe on the 19th. That is the only mention of that I am going to make....everybody....please stayed tuned for a HUGE update.
I am so ready for some warm weather. I think I am going to sneak off to NC when the tuna run. Anybody else interested in trying to catch one of those 600lbs MONSTERS? And yes, I am still tallking about fish. Let me know and we will try to charter a boat.

Ginger...this one is for you...

Theory of M&M Evolution

Whenever I get a package of plain M&Ms, I make it my duty to continue the strength and robustness of the candy as a species.

To this end, I hold M&M duels.

Taking two candies between my thumb and forefinger,I apply pressure, squeezing them together until one of them cracks and splinters. That is the "loser," and I eat the inferior one immediately. The winner gets to go another round.

I have found that, in general, the brown and red M&Ms are tougher, and the newer blue ones are genetically inferior. I have hypothesized that the blue M&Ms as a race cannot survive long in the intense theatre of competition that is the modern candy and snack-food world.

Occasionally I will get a mutation, a candy that is misshapen, or pointier, or flatter than the rest. Almost invariably this proves to be a weakness, but on very rare occasions it gives the candy extra strength. In this way, the species continues to adapt to its environment.

When I reach the end of the pack, I am left with one M&M, the strongest of the herd. Since it would make no sense to eat this one as well, I pack it neatly in an envelope and send it to: M&M Mars, A Division of Mars, Inc. Hackettstown, NJ 17840-1503 U.S.A., along with a 3x5 card reading, "Please use this M&M for breeding purposes."

Wel...until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #23

Good morning everyone....Seems as if today will be filled with wet snow. I hope everyone is safe,warm, and dry.

The past few weeks, work has been filled Not very much to be said about that. The bills just keep coming and we just keep trying to push them out the door. The boss tells us that a new system is being implemented. It is so easy to use that we basically are shutting down for two weeks and going to training to learn to use it. Every morning during our meeting we discuss the new system. I think next week we get to sing the Amway ....I system song. They have spent more time trying to convince us the new system is great than a Kirby sweeper salesman spends selling his sweeper. Since the implementation of the last new system we still haven't stopped working overtime. Wonder how far this one will spread out the OT?

Lets talk Superbowl. Two really good teams. Two great quarterbacks. Only one gets to win. I would so much like to see a Saints victory, but my senses tell me....

Colts 28 and the Saints 17 This one will be a yawner, unless Manning takes a BIG HIT AND goes down AND is not 100% when he goes back to the huddle. Should that happen watch the Saints defense gain some confidence and create some turnovers.

Is it time to go fishing yet?

Ginger...I didn't forget you...

Tired of having to balance his wife Cindy's checkbook, Mike made a deal with her; he would look at it, but only after she had spent a few hours trying to wrestle it into shape.

The following night, after spending hours poring over stubs and figures, Cindy said proudly, "I've done it! I made it balance!"

Impressed, Mike came over to take a look. "Let's see... mortgage 550.00, electricity 70.50, phone 35.00." His brow wrinkled as he read the last entry. "It says here ESP, $615. What the heck is that?"

"Oh," she said, "That means, Error Some Place!"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #22

Good morning everyone...

As you can see the Blog is right on time today. That means that the "wild" that was welling up inside of me was snowed out. There is always next time.

The work week was fairly uneventful. Nothing major and nothing really all that interesting to report. I suppose I could update you on the ex wife. Oh...wait there is no update because she won't come in and sign the paperwork so that I can get the title to my truck. There is some talk of asking the judge to appoint a special "commisioner" to sign the paperwork. The biggest drawback is that
I would back in court fighting over payment to the "commisioner" for performing a function she is supposed to do. There has also been some discussion as the whether or not she is in violation of the Court Order and if the Judge should issue a warrant and have her to answer that. Nothing solid yet, but stayed tuned for further updates.

Spring is approaching and I am so ready. Fishing, camping, and the great outdoors await. I might try sneaking up to Canada a couple of days this year. I do know that I am headed south for some VACATION.

Teresa...Congrats...and I knew you would like this blog. I hope that all goes well. is one for you...

The Lion and the Mime

One day an out-of-work mime is visiting the zoo and attempts to earn some money as a street performer.

However, as soon as he starts to draw a crowd, the zookeeper grabs him and drags him into his office.

The zookeeper explains to the mime that the zoo's most popular attraction, a gorilla, has died suddenly. The keeper fears that attendance at the zoo will fall off. He offers the mime a job to dress up as the gorilla until they can get another one. The mime accepts.

The next morning, before the crowd arrives, the mime puts on the gorilla suit and enters the cage. He discovers that it's a great job. He can sleep all he wants, play and make fun of people and he draws bigger crowds than he ever did as a mime.

However, eventually the crowds tire of him and he gets bored just swinging on tires. He begins to notice that the people are paying more attention to the lion in the cage next to his.

Not wanting to lose the attention of his audience, he climbs to the top of his cage, crawls across a partition, and dangles from the top to the lion's cage. Of course, this makes the lion furious, but the crowd loves it.

At the end of the day the zookeeper comes and gives the mime a raise for being such a good attraction as a gorilla.

Well, this goes on for some time. The mime keeps taunting the lion, the crowds grow larger, and his salary keeps going up. Then one terrible day when he is dangling over the furious lion, he slips and falls. The mime is terrified. The lion gathers itself and prepares to pounce. The mime is so scared that he begins to run round and round the cage with the lion close behind.

Finally, the mime starts screaming and yelling, "Help, Help me!", but the lion is quick and pounces. The mime soon finds himself flat on his back looking up at the angry lion and the lion says, "Shut up you idiot! Do you want to get us both fired?"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #21

Good morning everyone...

This morning I would like to start with the recovery effort in Haiti. My prayers go out to the people there that have been devastated by such an awesome act of nature. I would also like to say congratulations to Sherry on the wonderful news she just received....C'mon now..."Fight like a girl."

I spoke with my lawyer's office on friday. The ex wife has still not signed the paperwork so that I can obtain the title to my truck. I am not even going to get pissy with/about her on here...enough is enough. Just stop and sign the form.

My house is very quiet this morning. Josie Cat is asleep beside of me and there are the sounds of 14 y/o girls sleeping in the other room. The only real noise is the clicking of the keyboard keys. As the days have slowly trickled by, I find myself becoming settled and much calmer. Yesterday as I talked with friends, I felt the WILD welling up inside of me. I am not sure what is gonna happen but it usually leaves a scar of some sort. I believe next weekend may prove to be interesting. Stay tuned for more updates on this.
Since this a reflection I guess there should be some talk of the past week. There were some real jaw droppers (Ya Think!?). My answer to them are...I don't plow the other man's field. 'Nuff said.
The other reflections from the past week refer back to the people I have been in contact with. I suppose the only thing to say to that is...I am who I am and that is who I always will be.
The last item of business...I have ice again!!!!!! Thanks dude...although if you had waited until I got here I would have helped you run the line.

Ginger this one is for you...
There were two old guys, Abe and Sol, sitting on a bench in a park feeding pigeons and talking about baseball, just like they did every day. Abe turns to Sol and says, "Do you think there's baseball in heaven?"

Sol thinks about it for a minute and replies, "I dunno, Abe. But let's make a deal: If I die first, I will come back and tell you -- and if you die first, you come back and tell me -- if there is baseball in heaven."

They shake on it and, sadly, a few months later poor Abe passes on. One day soon afterward, Sol is sitting there feeding the pigeons by himself when he hears a voice whisper, "Sol... Sol...."

Sol responds, "Abe! Is that you?"

"Yes it is Sol," whispers the spirit of Abe.

Sol, still amazed, asks, "So, is there baseball in heaven?"

"Well," says Abe says, "I got good news and I got bad news."

"Gimme the good news first," says Sol.

Abe says, "Well... there is baseball in heaven."

Sol says, "That's great! What news could be bad enough to ruin that!?"

Abe sighs and whispers, "You're pitching on Friday."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #20

Good morning everyone...Let me start today by asking everyone to please pray for some speedy help to arrive in Haiti.

Its the weekend. Pure and simple. I hope everyone has a good one. Mine is rather slow and quiet, even though it is a 3 day weekend. I am working a shift at Beech Fork. That will be fun. As fun as working can be I suppose.

Tax season is approaching rapidly. I am hoping "Uncle Sam" is kind this year.

Through the course of our lives many issues come and go. Often, we believe the circle has closed and the item has gone away. Seems lately that a few issues that I thought had come full circle and were closed have re-opened (OK, stop it...its not what you first thought. THERE IS NO CHANCE OF THAT EVER HAPPENING).

Contentment reigns thoughout the Knight household. All is well here. The freedoms that America gives us along with my spirit combine to make my life good and interesting, or at least interesting enough for me. I am looking forward to springtime, but would like to pull off one more winter fling. Perhaps a trip to somewhere. I am not sure where, or with who, but I feel the urge. Maybe next week I will have more definite plans. you go...
When I go to casinos, the most ridiculous sign I see is the one that says..."If you have a gambling problem, call 1-800- GAMBLER."

So, I call them and say, "I have an ace and a six. The dealer has a seven. What do I do?"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.