Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Morning Reflection #9

Here we are again...another beautiful (and rainy) Saturday Morning. I can hear the rain plinking on the metal roof. A very comforting sound. I can smell the coffee. The house is quiet while the kids are asleep. I realize that statement will cause those of you that know me to wonder...My other daughter (charly) stayed last night.

OK...Lets reflect. The past week has been filled with life. Work was just fine. Payday came and went. Bills got paid. Groceries got bought. There is, of course, an update on my situation with the EX-WIFE. I spoke with my lawyer and the final order, you remember...the one where I am obligated to pay half of the vehicle she let go back to the bank, hasn't been signed. I was told that her lawyer can't get her to come in and sign it. I am not sure what the deal is with that, but if there is no order in place doesn't that mean the seperation agreement stands? That agreement says she is responsible for her vehicle. I think I am just gonna watch and see how this one goes.

Since today is all rainy and wet, I believe I will spend a large portion of the day enjoying some college football. There is a very good chance that when this week of football is over that THE MARSHALL UNIVERSITY THUNDERING HERD could be BOWL ELIGIBLE. I will have to do my very best to get some tickets to a bowl if THE HERD goes.

There is a friend out there that is going thru some very trying times. This friend indicated to me that there has been a lot of discussion about the situation and much prayer has been offered up. God will lead you where you need to be (or go). Do not try to make a deal with God as he has his own plans. Also...don't make him burn a bush in your yard to give you enough light to see the plan...use your own light.

Well, until the next time...Please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Morning Reflection #8

Hello...and Good Saturday Morning to everyone. I hope this weekend finds everyone in good health and spirits. I know that my spirits are in rare form and I am walking 10 feet above the clouds.What's that? Why am I so happy? Well, it's my kitchen CHAIR. I have discovered that it works,exactly as it should, and allows me to relax (among other things).

The past week of work has been busy (as usual) and filled with non exciting and mundane issues. I will have to say that the new boss is still on my good side and I believe he will do a good job. Sometimes when the new boss comes in he says he is gonna be good...this one seems to be proving it.

My weekend has been and will be filled with football. The Fairland game last night and the MARSHALL game today. I hope to see everyone there. Its an early game and I will be sober.

Tonight...Latisha and I are going to Kenny's house (you remember, the old retired guy that cooks for me) to have dinner with him and Bev. Gonna be a good time and Kenny is fixing his chicken casserole. I'm bringing some wine....hmmm wonder where thats headed.

Well, until the next time...Please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Morning Reflection #7

Here it is...another Saturday. The first thing I want to say is...GO HERD...the second this is... WE ARE...MARSHALL

The proud tradition of MARSHALL football have been chronicled in the newspapers, television shows, and even a movie. Many of us (readers of this Blog) have, and always will be proud supporters of MARSHALL athletics. Today we play wvu...lets all cheer for a MARSHALL victory.

Everyone knows how I feel about MARSHALL football...Latisha has offered to come over and watch football with me and wear her wvu shirt.

Lets talk about life. My life is just fine. Outside of my house the birds still sing, the cats still watch them, and the sun continues to try and shine thru the clouds of winter. Through the dark days of winter we all need to remember that spring is only a short distance ahead and will be upon us soon. I intend on being thankful for all of the seasons.

I have been reading about ice fishing in the great frozen north. Thinking about giving that a try. The question is...Do you think I could wear shorts inside of one of those little mobile fishing shacks (with a heater)?

Perhaps I should just go south.

Well, until the next time ..please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Morning Reflection #6

The heater was on when I woke up this morning. I am not sure that I care for that. More summer is needed. There just was not enough fishing, boating, or cooking out. There is still a bunch of that to come, but it is colder and something isn't quite right with cooking out while wearing a jacket.

I believe there is gonna be a pitcher of sangria made in the next week or so. Adam and I have talked about getting together and drinking a few...maybe ribs or pizza also. Sounds like a good time to be had by all.

Todays reflection centers around life. You know, that thing we are all involved in. The daily activity of just being. The happiness, joy, and peace that I have found seems to grow almost daily. The peace I have found in my job. The feelings inside of me that are derived from me growing closer to God. The little things that make me smile and most of the time the big things are just shrugged off. Life continues to be good.

I have danced in the rain and I have played in the snow. I wanna do it again.

Well, until the next time, please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Morning Reflection #5

What just happened? Another week of life has slipped past us. Everything seems to have gone on in a big blinding flash of fast. It was all so quick I am not sure I caught it all. So many changes...Kenny and his girlfriend getting along fantabulously. Travis and his girlfriend melding together well. Employment has been made almost enjoyable, seems as if there is a manager that knows how to manage. The VA will probably fire him for being good at his job.

The sun is shining thru the back door. I can hear the birds singing around my little pond. I would be willing to bet that there is a neighborhood cat close by. Can't blame them for wanting their food to take a bath before they eat it.

Life seems to be settling into that pre winter calm. Things are flowing as they should be and the bills are getting paid. Kinda makes me wonder whats gonna happen next...

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.