Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rainy Morning

This morning I am home alone with Jake dog and Holly Bear. She who shall remain nameless has gone to work and the kids are in school. I am going to spend some time this morning working on my newest on line venture. Things are going well with it, thanks for asking.

The rain is just pouring down here and it makes my old arthritic joints hurt. I figure I will be into the medicine before this day is finished.

It has been a good week off. We went to columbus Ohio and saw Sylvia Brown.A very good show. The trip to the hotel bar with friends was nice also.....

Anyway it is time for me to move along. Thanks for reading and please remember that I have to pay the bills so have


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sorry for being gone

Things at the house have just been busy,busy,busy. I apolgize for not writing. Several of my regular readers have been thru asking me why there isn't a new post. Well, today there is a new post.

The online business is going well. The NEW SITE is now up and running. This one seems to have taken off very well. I hope everyone visits and takes advantage of the offers. Thanks in advance.

The cat and dog are both just fine. Good old Holly Bear refused to drink her milk. She who shall remain nameless and I couldn't figure it out until we checked the bowl and found that Jake Dog had been drinking her leftovers and she was refusing to eat after him. Everyone will be happy to know that Holly Bear now has a new bowl and is back on her Cream and Cat Food diet.

Please remember that I still have to pay the bills.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Good evening everyone. I have a deal for to propose. Yes, I am sorry but sometimes you have to do business. Please go to this site and sign up for the free membership. For those of you into such things there are excellent programs to go with the FREE membership. When you have completed the membership , simply email me and I will give to you FREE the list of mystery shopping companies listed at my web site.

Now for the fun things. Today at work everyone was swamped busy. Of course, I was blindsided by a phone call. Seems that two investigators are in town to ask questions about some questionable practices my old boss had. I answered all of their questions and am now wondering whats gonna happen. I have some idea and even have an idea that I like. I can't discuss that here though. I promised to be somewhat family oriented. Please remember that I have to pay the bills.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Look, It Snowed

Here I sit, looking out the window. SNOW!! everywhere. Yes, I live in the area that got slammed with all of the snow. Everyone in the house is asleep, except Holly Bear and Jake Dog. There isn't any noise at all and I am enjoying the quiet.Of course, soon I will be ready for children and (she who shall remain nameless) to wake up. No big plans for the day and nothing really exciting going on. I did speak to a friend yesterday about planning a fishing trip to Port Clinton,OHIO. I am looking forward to catching some Perch and eating them. I think I will go and wake everyone up and have some breakfast.

Please remember that I have to pay the bills...


Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Today, when I got home I looked into the inbasket of my email and discovered nine pages of "new mail." That is a bunch. Too much, as a matter of fact. Everyone was writing to me to let me know that THEY are making 40,000.00 per month and for a small fee I could also. Let me say this...I make some money on the internet. I enjoy what I do, or I just wouldn't do it. I also have to say that if I were making 40grand a month I wouldn't tell you how to do it. I would just keep on making the money.

This whole thing has got me to thinking about building another web site and selling my marketing system. I wonder if I would be able to make 40G a month?

Lets talk about something else...She who shall remain nameless(for those of you that missed that post its my wife) has been upset with her Royal Majesty Holly Bear. Seems the cat has been waking my wife up in the middle of the night and begging for cream(I don't know who got her addicted) and she who shall remain nameless is tired of it. Poor Holly bear is gonna end up sleeping in the basement....

Except last night when the nightly cream begging ritual started at around 3am. The cat got her way and crawled back into the bed, full and satisfied. She who shall remain nameless never pets the cat either (also tells the dog that he is gonna end up her least favorite dog while she is petting him.)

please remember that I have to pay the bills...


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Today was the DAY

Today was the day. My brand new site just went on line. Now, I have never claimed to be anything with the computer, so I will just have to say that it is not the greatest site ever. The best thing it has going for it is that I built it. I learned a bunch about web site manipulation while I was building it. Please go by and visit. Remember, No laughing at my effort. After all, this is a learning experience for me.