Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Coffee

It is very early here. I am up and about to start getting ready for work. I am enjoying a nice cup of coffee. I can here the sounds of the stepson's radio and the meow of the cat. Life is simple and good. I have read my email, and looked at the stats of my on line business..slow and steady. Usually more slow than steady, but that is another story.

Today will be a day like many others.Work,dinner, and then famly time. Yeah, I know that i haven't written anything profound or offered anything for free lately. That is at my other sites. This one is becoming just about my words and thoughts. Hope everyone likes it. Anyway, it is time for me to hit the shower...everyone please remember that I have to pay the bills.....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Beautiful Day

Today was another Beautiful Day. Today I was sad. I remember all of those I have left behind. I remember those I have seen killed and want so desperately for them to experience the sunshine I saw today. I am sitting right here, right now, and can hear my wife and kids. That is a joy those I left behind will never know. She who shall remain nameless and I went to see Sylvia Brown. Ms Brown talks about temples on the other side and life after death. I certainly want her to be right. I want to face these people and tell them all of the things I should have. I want them to know that I didn't choose to stay. It seems as if one of us just got lucky. I stayed behind..I drank to much,partied to hard, didn't care enough, and laid waste to almost every life I touched. That really isn't me, or at least it didn't used to be. I look back now and am not overly proud of the things I have done. I see huge holes in my memory and sometimes wonder WHY am I here in this Living? Hell.

She who shall remain nameless loves me, and for the life of me I don't understand why. By the same token, I really love her. She puts up with me, and maybe even understands. OK, enough rambling. It is time to return to life. Someday, I will see all of those I am writing about tonight. I sure hope so. For those of you that know me, please smile and pretend that you read this and understand. For those of you that don't know me, I might be right beside you. Be kind to each other. Love your spouse. Teach the children. Do it for those that were left behind.

Tonight, I am not paying the bills. I am paying homage, to those that were left behind.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Just another Monday

Well,today was just another Monday. I worked and hated it. The internet items are on the upswing. Slowly...that is the way I planned it. Nothing really spectacular the past couple of days. We have about decided to go on a cruise for vacation(our's not the one with the kids). Spring is here and Summer is approaching quickly. I am looking forward to home grown tomatoes. Ripe with salt is just fine with me. Any way, everybody remember that I still have to pay the bills... so click something....

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

She Who Shall Remain Nameless

Many people have asked about She Who Shall Remain Nameless. The link directly below this has a picture of her at our weddiing in Hawaii. Isn't she beautiful. Yes, I know there are several pictures and you don't know which one she is. Keeps her from being mad at me. OH, by the way todays sign off is different...please remember that I LOVE MY WIFE

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Look at the time

The time just seems to whip right past. Important events, then work, then part time business...not even enough hours in the day. Here I sit at 1415hrs typing. The weather is turning to spring and I am thinking about doing some fishing. Maybe Travis and I will head south. She who shall remain nameless said she didn't mind if we went fishing. I guess that will give her a break from me.

I might wait a little longer and go north. I really do love lake eerie and Port Clinton. I look forward to eating in THE GARDEN again. I suppose I need to get moving. Anyway, please remember that I have to pay the bills so try this and have


Thursday, April 10, 2008

The days just whip past

Wow...Do the days just whip past us or what. Work is about the norm anymore. Seems like I just don't get anything quite completed and have a dozen unfinished items lounging around. I am trying to keep up with my blog posts but the new internet business and the regular job interfere. I will be more faithful.

There is really nothing new or exciting in life right now. Just everyday normal stuff. Maybe I'll win the LOTTERY. Time to run...please remember that I have to pay the bills and have

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Her Birthday

Well, This is the morning after my daughters birthday. Last night the house (and hottub) was filled with LOUD 12 year olds. I think she had 3 friends over for a sleepover. I didn't know little girls could be so loud. This morning all is quiet and everyone is asleep.

Ok, on to some business. The new business is picking up. I hope all of my readers(both of you) have been over to the site. Check it all out and if you want make a comment. Thanks, and remember I still have to pay the bills so have


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just another day

The days are becoming brighter and there is a look of fresh grass growing in my yard. I do really look forward to summer. I have a few projects to try and complete. There is the goldfish pond in the back yard and she who shall remain nameless wants a tree in the front yard. That should be enough to keep a man busy.

This evening there was a stray (and pregnant) cat in the front yard. The kids are still crying. I love cats, but you can only have so many. Besides Holly Bear would be insanely jealous. I believe it is now time to iron some clothes for work. Good night everyone and remember that I still have to pay the bills

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