Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Reflection #62

Good morning everyone...

The elections are over. The ads are no longer running. The President got his ass handed to him, and yet, many of the lower end of the ?American? people insist that the results were not a true representation of what America really wants. What part of got your ass kicked do they not understand? I am going to say that if the President does not do what the American people want then he will be a one term President. My only question is....When he is voted out of office will all of the namby pamby socialist muslim whiny cry babies say that is not what the American people really wanted?

Tonight, Jackie amd I are going to the comedy club. I am sure it will be a blast. I might even LET her take me out to dinner. Probably someplace expensive.

Here you go Ginger...

The customer in the Italian restaurant was so pleased that he asked to speak to the chef. The owner proudly led him into the kitchen and introduced him to the chef.

"Your veal parmigiana was superb," the customer said. "I just spent a month in Italy, and yours is better than any I ever had over there."

"Naturally," the chef said. "Over there, they use domestic cheese. Ours is imported."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

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