Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Morning Reflection #94

Good morning everyone...

Another week of work in the books. Time is rapidly passing by. The vacation discussion has continued. There are several scheduling conflicts. I believe the summer vacation is going to be short and simple, but it will still be a vacation with kids that are almost grown. The last word was the Ohio river town of Cincinnatti.. waterpark, German restaraunt, and hotel with pool. I might even try to go to Jungle Jims

Jackie and I are still planning a fishing trip in september. We still aren't sure where. I am thinking Vermillion, OH for jumbo perch fishing. Might even be talked into doing Walleye somewhere. I could even be convinced to go over to Virginia Beach. I suppose we will just wait and see.

This past week we had dinner with sone friends...Travis and Karen. You can refer back to the wedding and engagement as it was listed in this blog. I noticed that they are still in love with each other. I have to remark on this and am going to steal a line from a commercial..."Stay thirsty, my friend."

Here's a chuckle to start your day...

A lady is having a bad day at the roulette tables in Las Vegas. She's down to her last $50. Exasperated, she exclaims, "What rotten luck! What in the world should I do now?"

A man standing next to her, trying to calm her down, suggests, "I don't know. Why don't you play your age?" Then he walked away.

Moments later, his attention is grabbed by a great commotion at the roulette table. Maybe, she won! He rushes back to the table and pushes his way through the crowd. The lady is lying limp on the floor, with the table operator kneeling over her.

The man is stunned. He asks, "What happened? Is she alright?"

The roulette wheel operator replied, "I don't know. She put all her money on 29. When 36 came up, she just fainted!"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Morning Reflection #93

Good morning everyone...

Good old saturday...I have missed you all week.

The coffe this morning is yummy. The cats have received a new job. Officially they have started being the alarm clocks. They woke us very early. Poor, hungry, attention starved creatures...I will let them live...this time.

Work continues to be the same...same old, same old.

Vacation planning is in full swing. Hotel reservations will be made soon. Everything still looks as if we are headed to Morehead City, NC....still some discussion going on.

Here's a chuckle to start your day...

In my sociology class, we were instructed to write down answers to some questions the teacher was asking.

"Next question," announced the instructor. "How would you like to be seen by the opposite sex?"

I was thinking about my answer when the young woman next to me turned and asked, "How do you spell 'intellectual?'"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Morning Reflection #92

Good morning everyone...

What an interesting day in morganhole,WV. Seems as if country bill had a little attitude and ollie decided to spank him. country bill pretty much told the Mountainqueer nation to piss off. Gotta love that. I do suggest that the bars in morganhole that are close to the Mountainqueer facilities raise prices...the new head coach should be able to keep them in business....

I looked out the window this morning and it had been raining. Good for the garden, but bad for the boating community. I know that Kenny is chomping at the bit to get his boat in the water.

No major plans for this weekend...just catch up on a few chores and start vacation planning. I am very much looking forward to vacation this year (like that is new?). I am going to try and slip in a fishing trip before vacation. Just something quick and over a weekend. Gotta love the quick getaways.

Here's a chuckle to start your day...

Father O'Brian, a young priest, was sent to a very small church in the backwoods of Alaska. After a couple of years the Bishop decided to pay the priest a visit to see how he was doing.

Father O'Brian said "this is a very lonely job and I don't think that I could have made it this long without my Rosary and two martinis each day."

"What?!" Exclaimed the Bishop. "You've taken to drinking? What kind of example is that to set for the community? This doesn't reflect well on the church."

"But the loneliness, I just couldn't stand it. If it weren't for my Rosary and those two martinis a day, I would surely have gone insane."

The Bishop thought a moment, then said "I guess that is understandable considering..."

With that the priest said to the Bishop, "Would you like to have a martini with me?"

The Bishop said, "well, I really shouldn't but...Yes, that would be nice. I think I will, but just this once."

The priest turned around and hollered toward the kitchen, "Hey Rosary, would you fix us two martinis please?"

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Morning Reflection #91

Good morning everyone...

Well here's another saturday morning. It is supposed to be a beautiful day. I plan on enjoying it...outside and doing stuff. I might have to stop and watch the T-ballers play. They are so funny.

Jackie and I stopped at Skye Lake and watched everyone fishing. There were some kids that were very entertaining. Jackie says she wants to go fishing there one evening.

I am still planning my next fishing trip. Still not sure where we are going. Might decide to do a float trip down the new river and see how many smallmouth we can catch.

Here's a chuckle to start your day...

The customer in the Italian restaurant was so pleased that he asked to speak to the chef. The owner proudly led him into the kitchen and introduced him to the chef.

"Your veal parmigiana was superb," the customer said. "I just spent a month in Italy, and yours is better than any I ever had over there."

"Naturally," the chef said. "Over there, they use domestic cheese. Ours is imported."

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills