Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Morning Reflection #5

What just happened? Another week of life has slipped past us. Everything seems to have gone on in a big blinding flash of fast. It was all so quick I am not sure I caught it all. So many changes...Kenny and his girlfriend getting along fantabulously. Travis and his girlfriend melding together well. Employment has been made almost enjoyable, seems as if there is a manager that knows how to manage. The VA will probably fire him for being good at his job.

The sun is shining thru the back door. I can hear the birds singing around my little pond. I would be willing to bet that there is a neighborhood cat close by. Can't blame them for wanting their food to take a bath before they eat it.

Life seems to be settling into that pre winter calm. Things are flowing as they should be and the bills are getting paid. Kinda makes me wonder whats gonna happen next...

Well, until the next time...please remember that I have to pay the bills.

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