Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Morning Reflection #7

Here it is...another Saturday. The first thing I want to say is...GO HERD...the second this is... WE ARE...MARSHALL

The proud tradition of MARSHALL football have been chronicled in the newspapers, television shows, and even a movie. Many of us (readers of this Blog) have, and always will be proud supporters of MARSHALL athletics. Today we play wvu...lets all cheer for a MARSHALL victory.

Everyone knows how I feel about MARSHALL football...Latisha has offered to come over and watch football with me and wear her wvu shirt.

Lets talk about life. My life is just fine. Outside of my house the birds still sing, the cats still watch them, and the sun continues to try and shine thru the clouds of winter. Through the dark days of winter we all need to remember that spring is only a short distance ahead and will be upon us soon. I intend on being thankful for all of the seasons.

I have been reading about ice fishing in the great frozen north. Thinking about giving that a try. The question is...Do you think I could wear shorts inside of one of those little mobile fishing shacks (with a heater)?

Perhaps I should just go south.

Well, until the next time ..please remember that I have to pay the bills

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