Sunday, February 17, 2008


Last night, while fixing dinner, I observed that I was the most popular person in the house. Sitting in the floor, intently watching my every move was Holly Bear. Of course, whatever she does Jake Dog is not very far away (he is afraid I will toss the cat a nibble and he won't get any). Holly Bear was very quiet the entire time I was cooking. I was cooking Trout that my friend Shawn had brought over. I am capable of catching my own Trout, but he had gone fishing with his son and they don't normally eat Trout. I usually prepare mine with Almonds, butter, and some lemon slices. Serve it with steamed rice and a soft (sweet) lettuce salad. Normally with a home made vinagrette dressing. Roll the Trout in a little flour, add salt and pepper, then place on a hot griddle or into a pan. I prefer the griddle.

Anyway, back to Holly Bear. She (Her Royal Majesty) waited until I was plating dinner, and stood up on her hind legs and begged. As cat people we know that cats can't stand like some dogs, but it was a very good effort. There are several people (that know me and Holly Bear) that will be completely astonished at this.
Travis close your mouth its not becoming.

Well,now its time to pay the bills. I have found several on line sites, free of course, that will pay money to you for reading emails and taking surveys. I try to check them out before I post them here. The ones I am listing will pay you money. I have received the checks and cashed them. Do me a favor and have a look.

The first one is mostly emails with a survey available every day. I turn about $30.00 per month.

The second one is cartoon themed but I have realized $20.00 per month with very little effort.

Thanks for the look and remember that I still have to pay the bills...

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