Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sitting around the office

I was sitting around the office (Yes, I have a dayjob), and was just dreaming about my internet prospects. Being relatively new, I am still searching for the right combination of advertising and Web Site Design. Thus far, I have been lucky with finding ways to drive traffic to my sites and blogs. I have dabbled in some other on line ventures...CREDIT CARDS and SURVEYS. Both have been very good to me. I have also looked into MYSTERY SHOPPING. My Wife (she requires to be called "she who shall remain nameless") and I have mystery shopped for several years and found that there is some money to be made. Please note that I will be developing a list of Mystery Shopping companies that you can purchase from me. I will take the time to put the list together and for a very small fee I will sell it to you. The List is still being built, but all good things take time. Anyone who wants an early preview just email me...

Anyway, sitting around the office I was talking to some co-workers about payday and it seems as if everyone was unhappy with the money they are making. I said if you aren't happy then do something about it. I also told them that there are many, many on line biz ops. Almost everyone looked surprised at me and the general consensus was that everything "on line" is a scam. I got up on my soapbox and talked about how opportunity is what you make it. I believe that with perserverance and research (and a little good sense) that a wonderful life can be earned on line. several co-workers will be looking at my offerings tonight.

Just as an afterthough, my sister is following my plan and is beginning to see something from the fruits of her labor. Good luck to all and...

remember that I still have to pay the bills.

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