Saturday, February 9, 2008

Looking Thru Blogs

This morning I spent part of the morning looking thru blogs. I read about business, business, and let me see...more business. Wanna know whats funny? Seems like these business Bloggers are all Millionaires and don't ever have to go to a job again. Want my take on that? ....Can't use that language here, but I think they are wrong.

First, Many of them aren't selling a product. Seems like it's the same old tired reproduce the web site and sell the idea at a 150% markup.

Second, Why are they marketing to me? Seems as if the businesses I looked at were just trying to get me to market my website(blog) on every free/paid site on the net. Oh yeah, and while I am there I should also check out....

Third, I wanna sell something. Yes, I know that a couple of the items listed are reproduce the website and sell it for a mark up. It's worth a try. Most of the items that travel thru this Blog though are real, or an actual service. Look at:

I realize that you can get all of those sites yourself, IF YOU WANT TO USE YOUR TIME. I sell the convenience and you keep your time. Sounds like a fair trade, to me.

That being said it is time to say...last night my stepdaughter (and I only say that so those that know me will know which daughter I am talking about) had her first, made it thru the night at someone else's house, sleepover. First try, first win. congrats.

As always please remember that I have to pay the bills, click a link

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Ricardo said...

Troy thank you for your comments onmy blog.

I have noticed that if these super rich business bloggers have what they say then can't they spare a dime to have a nice looking blog? I don't know about you but if i was as wealthy as they claim I'd have the coolest looking blog around with animations and stuff.

I'll be sure to click those links you mention. Good luck in your business ventures.