Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mystery Shopping for Mad Money

During the past two years I have been doing some work as a Mystery Shopper. I have shopped for Mad Money , or just for extra spending money. I have found that the money comes in very handy for someone on a tight budget. Besides, the work isn’t difficult or even too detailed. Sometimes the work is just fun. The fact that you can go out and eat (on the companies dime) or buy a new sweater and not have to pay for it is just good.
Now, I didn’t just decide that I was going to a fast food establishment and tell them I would give a report in exchange for food and a little cash consideration. I started with Research. I used the Internet Search Engines, I read articles, and I got no where really fast. During this start up phase, I was not an expert. I really wanted to have the free food, clothes, and extra money everyone talked about Mystery Shoppers getting for their efforts.
What did I do to resolve this problem? I went to the experts. There are many sites out there that will sell you a list of companies that schedule Mystery Shops for a wide range of companies. These sites will tell you about qualifications and certifications. They will provide you with access to workshops that help you maintain the skills needed to be a successful Mystery Shopper. I suggest that you use those sites, spend the money, and use the time you saved to make money as a Mystery Shopper.

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