Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Morning Reflection #16

Good Morning everyone..

Today, we should start with the weather. We got snow here. About 6 inches on top of my truck. Kinda feels like Christmas. I like it.

Latisha has mentioned several times that my Christmas tree looks bare. I guess it does. The tree is one of those that has the white lights built into it. It is symbolic of the restart in my life (or restartS). There are three ornaments on the tree. The first was made by my daughter several years ago when her mother and I split. I keep it in a baggie now because it is a cookie with magic marker on it attached by some yarn to a cutout paper bell. The second was a gift from Maggie . The third is a MARSHALL football helmet ornament from Latisha's parents. These items symbolize the things in my life that have carried forward and will always be with me.

There is something else on the tree. I received a Christmas card from Latisha. She doesn't talk too much, but the card says a lot. I think it earned a spot on THE TREE.

I hope that Christmas and New Years this year allows America, and the world, to have a renewing of faith. Perhaps it is time we re-embraced the Christian values that originally made this country great. There is something to be said for Conservative political views (and actions). The traditional ways that started this country made us strong. The new ways seem to make the American way of life weaker and weaker. The few that are still working are burdened with feeding not only the infirm and incapable, but also the lazy and useless. My first suggestion is that anybody who requires an attorney to win Social Security Disability should be able to work...and might I also suggest that any attorney that would specialize in this segment of law should be required to do something useful. There should also be fewer prison guards. How do we do that? Simple...Lock the prisoners up in a cell. Bring them food. Don't let them out to exercise. Don't give them cable tv. There is no outside exercise time or dorm living. They can have sponge bathes and anybody that assaults a guard gets those priveleges removed for a week. There won't be any cell extraction teams...don't do as your told?...then don't get fed. They will comply or get buried.
Either way works for me. Visitation happens on the day you get out of PRISON, not while you are there. The people that were murdered don't get visitation. The people that were raped are locked away in their minds and get punished forever. The people that were robbed never get a break from it. I suppose I am just tired of being nice to the CONVICTS.

That is enough tirade from me for this Saturday. Let me close this out with..."Merry all" and until the next time..please remember that I have to pay the bills

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