Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Morning Reflection #15

Good morning everyone...

Apparently the Good Lord has seen fit to crank on the AC and freeze everything. I am ready for Summer. Don't get me wrong, there is a need for cold weather and winter I just don't have to enjoy it. When it warms up a touch (and it will) I think I am gonna go out to Lake Vesuvius and do some fishing. I heard they stocked it with trout...and we all know I love to eat fresh trout.

I receive a lot of email referring to OUR troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I remember my days in the Military and how I felt around the holidays. Lets all think about the troops and maybe even try to do something nice for them.

Yesterday, when I walked out of the house there was a large black cat (probably a stray) sitting by the frozen pond in my front yard. He didn't run very far when I stepped out. He looked at me and then looked at the pond. I knew he was thirsty. I broke the ice with a stick and stirred it around some. Before I could get to my truck he was at the pond,drinking. Does that count as a random act of kindness? I try to do one of those every day.

I have given serious thought to the Icons and Heroes this world follows. We have heard more about Tiger Woods and his infidelities than we should have. Everyday, there are Pro Sports Icons busted for drugs and various other Legal Problems. Perhaps as a society we are placing our WORSHIP in the wrong place. Instead of recognizing skill and strength we are paying people that have an aptitude for GAMES. Why doesn't the disciplined (and skilled) E-8 in the army get to compete for the 1.2 Million dollar signing bonus? The E-8 doesn't do drugs,doesn't steal, and doesn't set a bad example for our children. The E-8 exemplifies the characteristics of a HERO. That is just one example. Don't forget the world of Police Oficers, Firefighters, and all the other people that lay it all on the line everyday for your safety, not just for the final score. When I watch a program about a Police Officer, I am not forced to buy a $13 beer or pay $12 for a hot dog just to cover the cost of the athletes salary. Then I read about, and hear on the news, how that athlete did drugs, stole, committed adultery, or disrespected authority. Come on folks...lets put our respect where it truly belongs..back into America and with the Heroes that truly make this nation great. The common people have the power to truly affect change simply by where they put THEIR money. Lets use our heads and voices to begin this change.

Well, until the next time please remember that I have to pay the bills

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