Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Apologies to all Organizations affected

OK...I sincerely apologize for my previous post, I was contacted by someone claiming to be from PETA. This individual demanded an immediate apology for my slanderous comment concerning cows, and he made reference to court actions if I ever mentioned the worlds cow population in such a negative manner again. As for the gentleman from the American Hindu Society, I understand that you are a pacifist and would not harm me, and I apologize to your cows as well. Would everyone please just let me make this a blanket apology and I will not slander the worlds cows again.

After some discussion, I am going to put this out for review prior to utilizing it. Can I remove cows from the comparison and replace them with snakes. Someone please let me know. Well, until the next time ...please remember that I have to pay the bills(and some of tricia's).

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