Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Way of Things

Sometimes things just spiral out of control. A friend of mine was arrested at work, by the FBI. Sounds really awesome until, you know me...and my friend. Yes, it appears he made some very bad threats towards the facility director and the chief of what is called police. I should know, because before my knee wore out I was one of those police. I will tell you that this chief of Police is a complete (EXPLETIVE DELETED). he has been written up for harrassing, intimidating, and making fun of the (injured) officers. This gentleman's actions show the world that he does not deserve the position he has been placed in. I also have to say that everyone should have a safe environment to work in. Everyone's work environment should be free of threats. Even the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) that is in charge of the Police service.

I believe,seriously believe that mentally Former Officer****** just snapped. TOO MUCH ABUSE. I have tolerated mistreatment at the whim of this chief and am very thankful to Jim ******** MSW and some Ativan (given to me sublingual) or maybe it would have been me the FBI carted out.

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