Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sorry for being gone

Things at the house have just been busy,busy,busy. I apolgize for not writing. Several of my regular readers have been thru asking me why there isn't a new post. Well, today there is a new post.

The online business is going well. The NEW SITE is now up and running. This one seems to have taken off very well. I hope everyone visits and takes advantage of the offers. Thanks in advance.

The cat and dog are both just fine. Good old Holly Bear refused to drink her milk. She who shall remain nameless and I couldn't figure it out until we checked the bowl and found that Jake Dog had been drinking her leftovers and she was refusing to eat after him. Everyone will be happy to know that Holly Bear now has a new bowl and is back on her Cream and Cat Food diet.

Please remember that I still have to pay the bills.

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