Sunday, December 14, 2008

Those that don't know me

There are so many people out there today that know what is best for me. Their advice flows like a polluted river into my life. They advise me about everything in my life. They advise THOSE AROUND me. They even advise each other. I am not talking about the people close to me that I solicit advise from, but am writing about those that believe they truly know me.

The question for those that offer advice is...

What are my hurts?
What are my wins?
How do I really feel?
Last, and certainly not least...What do I see when I close my eyes?

If you know those answers then you know enough to advise me.

There are people out there that know the answers to these questions. There are people out there heavily affected by the advice they receive. My answer to it all is that you should follow your passion. You should find your passion, reach out for it, and follow where it leads. Should you be able to follow this passion you will always be able to find some happiness. Choose to not follow your passions and you will have to order your wine by the glass as you will not be able to order the bottle from the list.

The advice from these people creates rifts. The rifts are so huge they cannot be covered over. The rifts are like scars that require spackle to cover them. Perhaps with a little paint the scars can be glossed over and maybe even forgotten about.

There are changes in my life that scare me. These are huge changes that make me so very afraid. I do not know what will happen or if there will even be an actual problem... I guess there is a problem since it is weighing on my mind so heavily. I have begun to look at the paths in front of me and I see many ways to walk. I do not know which path I will follow.

There are several of you out there that have been affected by all that has transpired. This is my way and time to say...I am truly sorry for the hurts that I have caused and that I am striving to be a better,stronger person. I will be a better person. I will be a nicer person. I will enjoy the things on this Earth that I had begun to ignore as I got caught up in the struggles of life and listened to the advice of those around me. I am ashamed that I have listened to people that don't even know me.

There are several people out there that this is directed towards. All of you read this blog. Some people that read this blog have nothing written here directed towards them.

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